Scouting TTU, that game has been circled

I think it was Spenc Johnson, "We hoped we would get another shot at TxTec.

The nitty gritty:
First time BYU played TTU, BYU had 10 more Rebs than TTU and BYU shot close to TTU’s shot % and still lost. Here’s how:

1- BYU shot 39 threes in that game, made only 13, that’s a lot of long bounces and fast break points

2-BYU (because we got 3 pt loco) only took 5 FTs all game. BALL GAME.

3 On the flip side, TTU made 10-20 threes. Our worse D on 3 all season.

4 TTU got 18 FTs making all but 1.

So, yeah, BYU want’s this game in the worse way. Khalifa had a monster game (21) but not help except for Saunders big game. We scored 78 on TTU while not defending a lick, we shot a paltry 33% from 3 but never bothered driving to the hoop. This was our 5th game into the Big 12 and between Cinn and TTech, Pope figured out that we had to change 2 things going forward… Play D and shoot a ton less 3s on ROAD GAMES.

TTU plays 6 guys. They extremely guard heavy. Last game with BYU, Issacs have 32, He has never had a D1 game like that! 7’ Washington had 19, that was also his best game of the entire season.

Remember when I pointed out that ISU has NO players higher ranked then 3. BYU has 5 players at or above a 3 in the net…TTU has more players ranked above a 3 then BYU does…translation…ISU WAY overachieves, TTU underachieves.

Watch out for Williams, Issacs and Toussaint

Pay back!

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Nice breakdown. I like the statement about shooting and missing too many threes that translates into fast break point and bad defense. Not time to get back and set. Where did I hear that from???

Fouss didn’t play in that game, and that matters. Washington won’t be feasting like he was last time.
TTU is the same team that beat us. BYU is a very different team.
I think we can win this one-- We won’t shoot 39 chucks, and we won’t shoot only 5FTs.
BYU by 6.

Khalifa is also playing without the knee issue. He’s jumping and moving well on defense too. I hope we can overcome playing back to back games.

BYU basketball: Up next for fifth-seeded Cougars at Big 12 tournament is fourth-seeded Texas Tech – Deseret News

Warren Washington, who had 19 points and nine rebounds in 36 minutes against the Cougars at United Supermarkets Arena, has not played since Feb. 24 against UCF.

At Tech’s light practice on Wednesday, coach Grant McCasland said the 7-footer remains questionable.

“My hope is that he comes back soon and my hope was that we would get an opportunity to play him in this tournament, and I think that is to be determined,” McCasland said.

“We just take it practice by practice, shootaround by shootaround and see how he feels. He has been participating more, which I do feel like is positive, but as far as playing for sure, it is too hard to tell.”

We led TTU by 16 at half. In their house. I still can’t believe we lost that game. Washington and Pop both with the best games of their lives? In the same game?

Without Washington I don’t think they have anybody who can handle Fouss. Their guards will dive down and try to strip him so he has to be ready to feel the double and pass out before they steal it from him.


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