Scouting USC, Neutral Court, battle for Atlantls

Vegas had this game as a solid win for USC until this week, now its a tossup. This USC team has been dominate in our last few meetings, always ranked, always long, these guys would just shoot over smaller BYU players.
1- In the paint, USC goes 6’11 Morgan and 6’9 Peterson vs. 6’6 Foos and 6’10 Atiki. Advantage USC

2- Guard play- USC will be a little quicker but not a great 3 point shooting team and have struggled covering the 3. Tossup.

3- BYU has been a little better rebounding, a little worse shooting %, USC a smidge better at steals. Tossup.

4- Turnovers, since that is BYU’s Achilles heel: BYU 21 pg, USC 16 pg. Both teams have a lot of new parts but when you look at the Point Guard play, I don’t even have to look , BYU gets slaughtered.

5-Sr. Drew Peterson is averaging a whopping 8 apg to go with 16 ppg. He had a stunning 12 assists in his last game. He is NOT the point guard!

6 USC is a team that BYU should beat on a neutral floor
First team to 70 wins

Good analysis. Though Somehow we seem to make teams great 3 point shooting teams. And, if they are quicker and more talented than last night, we might see 30 turnovers. What’s frustrating is BYU’s 3 point shooting.

Teams are extending their defenses against us because of the offensive scheme. No one comes to the ball when there is pressure and double teaming. We stand around a lot. Just an observation.

We do a lot of dribble drive to the baseline and pass attempts to the corners. Turnovers happen a lot. (George) and still a lot of lob passes too slow and many times not deep enough to get to Foose and Atiki and others. Uggg… long year if we can’t reduce turnovers.

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Well, we were doing well in the first half shooting. Turnovers were a problem. But now, we are missing shots left and right.

1-Too much length.
2- Refs let USC win the hand fighting game, Whenever BYU got inside, it was an automatic turnover, a whole lot of grabbing and arm slaps that were not called.
3-we had no answer for Ellis and his 17 free throws. Geez, really?
4 Johnson did a great job guarding USC’s do everything guy, Drew Peterson
5-Not bad on the 3s, 39% on the road is good.
6- Turnovers still a plague. 21 is too much to win even average teams
7- But the real reason BYU lost. Was poor substitution. We did it in the SDSU game and again tonight. In Both games BYU was either ahead or tied when for some reason Pope puts in a combo of Hall, Stewart and in this case Saunders. Waterman and Atiki… Really, like who is going to take the shot? In both games, SDSU and USC extended insurmountable leads before we could get veterans back on the court. Individually, all of these guys are good so long as they play with veterans but as a group, it is a disaster.

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I don’t doubt much what you write. However, we have three problems that make it hard to win regardless of who is in.

  1. Lack of energy beginning if halves and at times during the game.
  2. Poor free throw shooting especially front ends.
  3. Bad turnovers.

And, a forth is we shot 32 threes. USC took only 10 threes.