Scouting USU vs BYU

Watched the Air Force/USU game. Air Force murdered USU from start to finish.Eight Air Force rushers combined for 448 yards to dominate possession time (45:43 to 14:17)
Commentators used the words, “Love does not have the same supporting cast this season”. 5 NFL scouts were at the game and I have no idea how they could evaluate that train wreak. Air Force dropped 8 most of the night with some great blitzes mixed in. I think USU had 7 total yards at the end of the 1st.
The Win/Loss line at ESPN went from USU 64% win over BYU to 50/50 overnight. Massey from 80% USU win to home field advantage plus 2%. Never seen a swing that big from just one game.

I would think BYU is favored now. BYU needs to learn from what Air Force exposed…USU could not stop their run.
Keys to a win:
1 Katoa and Finau need a big day with BYU’s big Oline.
2 Dog Love’s favorite receivers as Air Force did (Mariner)
3 Creative blitz packages to keep Love under pressure and by no means let him get 1st downs with his legs.

if BYU holds USU under 28 points, they win.

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