Scouting Utah. at Utah

Before I get started, I was thinking about an argument we had last year about whether BYU was P5 worthy or whether they were a great mid-major. With BYU coming in at 34th all time in the football rankings and with every P5 conference saying that BYU is a P5 equivalent and with BYU’s record of 11-11 vs: the Pac 12 and 6-1 over Ok and Tx, I would have to say BYU is not only P5 worthy, but would rank in the top 4 of any of the P5s with exception of maybe the SEC.

As for Utah, every poll out there has this as a very tight game and favors Utah 24-21 BYU give or take a few points. Few prognosticators have BYU coming out on top considering that BYU starts a Sr at QB and Utah has a JC transfer
The only think I will agree on with national polls is that the game will be close…it just always is.

How will BYU respond to Utah’s running attack? In the SUU game, the Utah front line did not impress me that much and if they have to kick the ball away 5 times, like they did in the SUU game, Utah will lose. Williams and McKormick are very similar to the Zona running backs that BYU faced. SUU contained the Utah running attack, does not look great for Utah. BYU was 24th nationally against the run last season and this year they are even better. Advantage BYU

As for the passing attack, Utah QB Troy Williams was 20 of 35 and is a dual threat, as was the Zona QB, Solomon. BYU had little problem with him, picking Solomon off 3 times if you count the 2 point conversion. BYU seems to be better at pass defense as advertised. Advantage BYU

BYU vs: Utah’s defense.

We have Hill and Williams, both seniors and both lethal. Utah has a top 5 line in the nation. They are big, they will push our Oline around. Utah’s LBer’s are average. Can we run on them? Depends on if Utah fills the box like Arizona did. BYU was up by 2 scores most of the game so Detmer was not trying to score but grind out clock and keep Rodriguez’s offense off the field. BYU will do the same if we can get up 2 scores on Utah. I see Hill throwing a lot of underneath stuff when Utah loads the box and I do think that BYU can run on Utah, Williams is just that fast. advantage Utah

BYU’s passing game…This will be the difference in the game. Trinniman is impressive, catching anything in his hemisphere. We did not see much of Kurntz or Jeurgens but I think that will change big time in the Utah game. still advantage Utah

Lastly, Special Teams. Utah has top punter, Mitch Wishnowsky, a potential all American. We have Linehan, I will take our guy. His punts were all inside the 10. They kicker missed a FG as did our starter…Here comes Jonny.
Punters and kickers cancel out.

With such evenly matched teams, we have to go to the intangibles:
At Utah, give Utah 6 points.
Turnovers, advantage Utah by a mile
BYU will be able to run the ball, Utah won’t advantage BYU by a mile.
Sr leadership at QB, give BYU 9 points.

BYU 24-21 Utah.

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Utah is a mystery based on one game against a very weak opponent. Everything changes year after year. Supposedly teams improve the most between the first and 2nd games. I am hoping that BYU having playing a much better opponent in week one will be helpful and the fact that Utah wasn’t really tested will hurt them in week two.

While I respect and enjoy the attempts at analyzing the game, I am with Reed in that we really don’t know enough about either team to do more than fantasize about each team. If the game was later in the schedule then perhaps those us (not me) knowledgeable about the game in general and with these 2 teams in particular, could make educated guesses about the outcome of the game. But at the same time, keep it up, cause I learn from most of those posts.

Great analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of each team. But, the X-factor is the unpredictable stuff like turnovers, dropped passes, etc. KW likes to point-out the importance of turnovers. Utah was 6th in the nation last year in turnover margins. BYU ranked 55th and we all know that in the last five losses BYU has suffered against Utah, the Utes have killed us in the turnover battle (+14). I’m encouraged that BYU was +2 last week so that bodes well if we can continue to take care of the ball. Last week, all the pundits were predicting a high scoring game between BYU and Arizona. It turned out to be just the opposite. It just goes to show how tough it is to get it right, especially at the start of the season. The pundits may be favoring Utah but I’ll throw my prediction for BYU and Fish’s analysis.

Reed, I am not sure you could say SUU is a pretty weak team…

They had Three guys drafted by an NFL teams, which is more than Utah or BYU

SUU is pretty competitive, and like BYU (when they play the likes of Ohio State or whoever) they can handle it until they have to go the bench.

I that Utah offense looked weak, but I also think Utah Defense is going to give BYU offensive line fits.

Didn’t SUU’s head coach, two all Big-Sky offensive linemen, and their star receiver move over to BYU? That had to have weakened them some.

Sorry, Trinniman was from Snow, not SUU…

Coaching - it will be nice to have a coaching staff that can make 2nd half adjustments - feels like we ALWAYS get outcoached by Utah

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