Scouting Utah State

sorry, fall is just my busy season and I just haven’t cared to be honest but here goes-
If BYU can’t beat these guys…we are big trouble going forward. It all starts and stops with QB play and stopping Sr Kent Myers. He will be in the same mold as the Utah QB: he can beat you with his legs. His passing stats are all over the place, 6 interceptions in 4 games. looked all world against Idaho St. played poorly against Wisc. (3 interceptions) and ran for 2 TDs in both the ISU game and San Jose. Played poorly in a blowout loss against Wake Forest. USU racked up big yardage passing but was blown out in that game to the tune of 46-10 but USU only got 42 yards rushing.

USU has 2 smallish running backs. 5’9 180 Eltoro Allen and 5’8 190 LaJaun Hunt. They have a TD each on the year.

USU’s throwing game is suspect with 6 interceptions. none of the receivers are scary but their tight end is note worthy, Dax Raymond is from Provo. Their big play guy is Gerold Bright, 161 yds on 7 throws, 2 TDs

Their special teams are special…kicker, Dominick Eberle is 100% on the year…8 of 8 on Field Goals and all EPs made.

BYU’s game plan on D is to stop the run and make them throw it. Prediction, BYU gets at least a interception. If BYU can keep USU under 100 yards rushing, it will be an easy win. If BYU can’t stop the run, they are going to lose.

On BYU’s end, We need our line to get a push and get Tolatau the ball and just grind out long offensive possessions. Hoge can use his wheels for some 3rd downs. USU is going to be sky high going into this game and we just need to hush them up with good ball possession.

I want to see sustained drives and BYU beat them in a close game in the 20s. I don’t want to see too close of a game because their special teams will be the difference and USU wins that one.

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