Scouting West Virginia

BYU vs. the Mountaineers
Points Per Game 17.0- 32.0
Points Allowed Per Game 17.7- 16.0
Total Yards 338.7- 559.0
Yards Passing 212.3- 321.0
Yards Rushing 126.3- 238.0
Yards Allowed 349.3 -433.5
Pass Yards Allowed 238.0 -251.0
Rush Yards Allowed 111.3- 182.5

BYU will stop their run but not their air attack. Howard is a 6’ senior that completes 67% of his passes with a 161 QBR. If BYU can get turnovers, BYU has a chance. Howard is far too smart to allow that to happen.

You already know how I feel about our offensive line, Hill’s lack of an arm and his lost step.

WVU jumps to an early lead and grinds out a boring win of 24-16

If we see Tanner in the game, Likely the game will be a higher scoring affair but WVU still wins.

I think our O improves a bit–after all, FCS Youngstown State scored 21 on WV–but I think WV scores 30. Once UCLA gave up running and just threw on every down, Rosen destroyed us on intermediate routes, and #7 has been good for one blown coverage TD per game. I think the WV WR are way better than UCLA’s. I see them coming out throwing and I just don’t see how we hold them under 30. 34-24 WVU.

Where do you get 24 for us? Tanner?

We are poised for a pick six or a fumble recovery deep in WV territory. And our O can’t be worse than last week. UCLA does NOT HAVE AN ELITE DEFENSE, yet our first 3 1/2 quarters were literally the worst BYU offense I have ever seen. Like ever. So I think our O will be better and our D will get us a score.

Who have they played? No one that good, right? So, it’s hard to judge what those numbers really mean. The first 3 games we have played were against very good defenses. UCLA was a great defense in my opinion.

They gave up 31 points to Texas A&M and 21 to UNLV. BYU barely made it to 14 and basically had 0 points for a majority of the game. I don’t think UCLA’s defense is “great” but they are okay. I think the bigger indicator is that BYU’s offense isn’t very good right now and certainly not anything close to what we are used to.

Even defenses get better. They put it altogether against BYU. However, if we had been playing a more hurry up offense all game I think we would have scored more

Thinking back on the 2pt conversion try against Utah, I was hoping Detmer had called a fake QB keeper and a short dump-off pass to Kaufusi. Someone used that play against BYU last year to score a TD on 3rd and goal from the 1 yd line. The biggest mismatch on the field is Kaufusi who could easily out jump anyone on the field by a foot if the QB would just lob the ball to him. Kaufusi was used successfully as a receiver on a fake field goal. I just think Detmer could be exploiting what he has in Kaufusi more often. Afterall, isn’t half the strategy of an OC to try to create mismatches?

So, after reviewing film, the coaching staff is sticking with Taysom. The only view I got was on TV which consisted of the best TV angle but only a tunnel vision of wherever the ball went. I trust the coaching staff and am on-board with their decision. Taysom it is! I thought it was interesting to read that Detmer shifted a lot of the focus on the receiving corp that really struggled to get open against press coverage. How do we get better against press coverage? The players see it everyday in practice, don’t they?

Trinniman only one the team that can get away from the press. :frowning: