Scouting Wyoming, at the Marriott

Game is on ESPN+ so if you have not got it, get it. ESPN+ is an App. You can bundle on Hulu and get Disney+ along with ESPN+ for 12.99 per month

Game is Sat @ 4 PM BIG 12/ESPN+

Wyoming has played one P4 team, Tx, lost 85-63.
Lead by 3 Seniors
#3, Sam Griffin, 6’3, leads in assists and scoring.
#17, Aqual Kot, 6’2
#1 Branden Wenzel, 6’7
They all shoot plenty of 3s and will make their FTs.

New addition:
#33, Sr. Mason Waiters, 6’9 probably have to sit out (Adams Jr.) rule, a transter that had to wait.
This guy is talented as well. shoots 3s and FTs.

Will be a fun game and tune up after Christmas
Vegas has BYU winning 85-64
I have BYU OVER on the 85. Only Utah held BYU UNDER the spread.

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BYU 90+ in another wipeout.
Adams and Baker will only keep getting better.
ESPN + has been FANTASTIC. Directv here in Oregon does not broadcast BYUTV in HD. That means for 10 years we have suffered the ignominy not only of having to watch BYU play in half empty high school gyms, but in a blurry picture. I’m absolutely loving having all the games on ESPN+.
Can’t wait for league play. We are in store for some ugly losses (when we shoot under 30% from deep), but I predict we also get to watch a few super exciting, epic quality wins.

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i have my eyes on one team in particular…Looks at Baylor’s stats for 3s

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haha WHAT??? Just that all 4 of their top scorers shoot over 40% from deep, and they shoot 44% from deep as a team??? Their SOS looks similar to ours-played one ranked team (lost to Duke), played 3 other decent teams (Auburn, MSU, Florida). Their only bad game was a weird thrashing by MSU, but that matches up with BYU’s awful performance against Utah.

Can B12 play seriously just come any sooner???


So far, Wyoming has a good offense. Lots of picks in the key. Kalifa 2 fouls already. Johnson bricks his first 3. Hall as well.

Thanks for the reminder the game is on
Forgot all about it
Did Adam’s get in the game?

Hasn’t so far. Head scratcher…

Been watching as they went from 11 point lead to now 30 points.
This team is relentless in all phases - that’s going to win some games
I know I’m drinking the blue kool aid pretty hard but with this team there’s actually some blue koolaid to drink! Could end up top four in conference and maybe a for or five seed
That would be fun and really an accomplishment

The thing is, we now have 3 really good bigs. Kahlifa is fun to watch. Atiki has improved greatly. And we know what Fooss can do. Fouls won’t matter so much with the bigs. Sanders is a bit small. Adams will be coming in and playing a lot.