Scouts of America?

What do you all think about the name change dropping “Boy” from Boy Scouts of America??? Time for the Church separate and keep “Boy” Scouts? Maybe Boy Scouts of the Universe :alien:

I think the time has come. The church and Boy Scouts of America are on diverging paths. The question was not “if” , but “when” and this would seem to be the perfect time. The last decade or so have been all about money for the Boy Scouts and by including girls, it will increase the bottom line. It does nothing to improve the program. Sad, really sad.

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I frankly don’t care about the name change other than what it implies. The problem is that the organization is no longer for boys only and it is no longer an organization only for boys who adhere to the scout oath. Being morally straight hasn’t applied for several years now. It is a now nothing more than a co-ed camping and social club and not worthy of any faith based organization’s support. I hope the church pulls out.

If we pull out the two organizations will most likely combine to try and stay afloat. The boys will sell Girl Scout cookies and the girls will sell popcorn :slight_smile:

I agree. It’s time to start separating the Church of God and the the church of Satan.

I had several callings that involved me with scouts and the BSA used to be a great organization that upheld good morals and values. We all know when it started going downhill. When organizations cater to the pressure of groups that promote an immoral lifestyle it is the beginning of the end for them.

Well, the Church could name the new scouting program Boy Scouts of America. The other organization is different now.

I agree with your opinion BYUcampass. The LDS Church needs to end this farce.