Scream at Will. I know you will

Scream at will.

I know that none of these ideas will come to pass, but hopefully it may give someone an idea of something that could come to pass.

It’s all about making changes that will help BYU football attract more 4-5 star players and win more of the significant games.

Playing FCS teams and bottom of the G5 teams are not playing significant teams, unless you lose to them, and at which time, they become significant in making us insignificant.

  1. Keep the AD requirement that he must be a member in good standing of the LDS Church and that he hires those, as HC’s, to refrain from public intoxication, refrain from street drugs, refrain from using fowl language, and refrain from sex outside of marriage and refrain from stealing, and refrain from fighting or anything else that could be an embarrassment to the University and the ‘Church that owns it, for the full duration of time that the person is the HC at the University. Remove the requirement that the HC must be a member of the Church.

  2. Open up the pocket book and go after coaches like Nick Saber, like Urban Myers, like Jim Harbaugh, like Bob Stoops, Jimbo Fisher, Dabo Swinney, or Chris Peterson. There are others like David Shaw,Bill Snyder, Gary Patterson,
    and Bobby Petrine that also know how to take a struggling team and make it a strong relevant team. Kyle Whittingham is approaching that list, but has not yet reached it for our needs. Do the math. Paying top dollar for a coach that can bring top conference opportunities top recruits and top bowl games and top TV revenue is a heck of a good investment.

  3. Make it possible for 4-5 star players to go on a mission after the football career, College/NFL. We have made other changes in our recent past, we can do it again to further help the program.

  4. Hold tight to our Honor Code beliefs. Have the penalty for breaking the honor code the same as it would be with NCCA penalties. It the case where there would not be NCCA penalty, use community service as soon as the season ends. if the crime was not bad enough for an NCCA penalty, than community service should be fine for after the season. Why punish the team, the fans, the coaches, for something not bad enough to draw NCCA penalties.

  5. Realize that the very best coaches may be able to raise a players ability to compete by teaching to execuite, to exercise and train, to be fit, but he can not teach the Natural gift of greatness that the genes have blessed some players with that earn their 4-5 stars. Peterson said, and I paraphrase, “ give me a one star player and I will make him a 5 star player by his senior year”. If that is true, than we should pay Peterson what ever amount of money he ask to coach for us.
    I don’t believe it. How ever, I do consider Peterson as one of our great coaches and I would be proud to have him.

  6. Finally, and while last, but not least. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The coaches we have now are all relative new at what they are doing. They are all great men. We may have a tough time finding anyone else as good.
    They learned much this season. Unfortunately, they learned more about what does not work than they did learn about what does work. They are still searching for this answer. Hopefully they will soon find it. In the meantime, I remain in full support for the staff that is sort of having a “On the job training” “ Learn as you go” season, full of things that need to be improved. Heads up! Next season, they will no longer be new at the job. We may all be very happy that we have had the patience to keep them.

I like the creativity, but I don’t think there is a way out of this mess that we are in. A phrase comes to mind when thinking of our poor Cougar Football program. The phrase is Lipstick on a pig. Any idea regarding the Honor Code, 4-5 star recruits, etc, doesn’t mask the problem that big fast strong athletic guys from CA, FL, TX, etc, don’t want to go to BYU for about 5 big reasons which have been discussed on this board.

We’re never going to get the top recruits so let’s accept what we are a 3 or 4 who should be dating 3 or 4’s and stop thinking we are an 8 or 9 just because we got a new cute outfit.

Nick Saban as our HC with Urban Meyer as our OC would mean we’d end up 4-8 this year instead of 2-10.

At least you are thinking out of the box. Way out of the box :wink:
For one thing, do you really think Mormon athletes will wait until their pro career is over to go on a mission after they have been married for 15 years and 5 children? That thought made no sense.
Also, are you suggesting the honor code be different for football players than it is for non-athlete students? I don’t think that would be fair or morally right. Sounds like Book of Mormon pride.
You’ll never get the Brethren to let a non-member be head coach for anything. And, I don’t think it would be wise.
I don’t know what the financial position is for HC for football is. I know the Church frowns big time about going into debt. They want buildings to be fully paid for before building them. We just have to find another LaVell and I think we have one in Sataki if he’s given the chance to develop.


“I know that none of these ideas will come to pass, but hopefully it may give someone an idea of something that could come to pass.”

So, where you able to make any suggestions that might work?

I think my last one is the only one that makes sense. Let Sitake develop. Other schools with big money can go out and get a fully developed LE type coach. We can’t. But, we can allow a potentially great coach to develop.


We are in full agreement about letting not only Sitake stay and develope but also Detmer, Cahoon, and virtually all others on the staff. With patients to allow on the job training, we will be better off for our patience.

I find it harder to agree that nothing else can be done. I believe that there is, and should be, much more that we can do in order to improve our program. We must make those changes if we are to survive the advancements that most other significiant teams have already made.