Season Awards for BYU basketball

MVP of the team: Kyle Collinsworth, Mr triple double and the reason why BYU is worthy of an NCAA bid.
Co MVP: Haws, ellipses Jimmer for most points in BYU history, Mr consistent 20 PPG

Most Improved: easily, Halford, energizer bunny averaging 15 PPG in the past 5. picked up the slack when Winder got hurt. Shooting over 50% from three for the last 8 games.

Freshman of the year: Kaufusi, he just gets more comfortable out there.
Biggest head scratcher: why can’t Bartley get more minutes? Best swat of the year @ GU. love his athleticism.
Best 3 point bomber: Fischer, when he is on, BYU wins
Most consistent: Winder, when he is healthy, he is deadly.
Mr Ice in the Veins: Andrus…cool hand Luke, and speaking of Luke…
Mr Foul a second: Easy winner here…Worthington.

Surprised Pangos got the MVP-right on with your comments-Halford most valuable player during stretch run-hope it continues in the tourney

BYU got nothing. Everything went to Gonzaga which on the one hand, you have to recognize Pangos but on the other, it is a travesty that the WCC overlooked KC and Haws.

They should hand out the award after the season and not while guys like KC are rewriting record books.