Season over but good year

Sad to see poor shooting from 3’s in our own gym while WS got their shooting going. Barcello missed a lot of shots and that was it.
The bench did pretty much nothing on offense. Given the injuries, this was a good year with lots of wins.
Next year can be good as I think we have a few bench sitters that can play guard. We will have more bigs as well. We will get a guard or two in the transfer portal.

We will see what happens;

From the little time Stewart played, I think he’s got more talent than Erickson. I would have liked to have seen them get more playing time early on. We’ve talked about this issue in the past with coach Rose. If Knell and Johnson are in Lala land like they were Wednesday, we needed some others to come in and score.

We saw that far too often this year. Too many guys disappearing in games.