SEC to count games against BYU, independents toward Power 5 non-conference requirement - 19 Mar


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Yeah team. Having the SEC now accept us as a P5 team for programing, following the lead of the ACC back in January, now puts us on a firm footing with ND as far as programing is concerned.

While the Pac 12 does not have the requirements of the ACC and the SEC, have, regarding playing at least 1 P5 non conference P5 team, the Pac 12 is also programing us as though we are a P5 team with 9 of their 12 teams on our schedule from now until 2027 playing 23 games vs BYU. The only Pac 12 teams not on our scheduling is Oregon, Oregon St and Colorado.

Again the 3 R’s for learning is Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, so I state again, “The more we schedule like a P5 team, and act like a P5 team, the more we will be respected as a P5 team. Again, SOS is not only to our advantage, it is everything in this stage of our development.

Patience as an Independent has paid off. This could have never been possible as a member of a mid major conference. Thank you to all that do our programing.