SF is in 2nd place, BYU fighting for 3rd

San Fran may be close to punching a Dance ticket with this win over BYU. Simply put, San Fran is a better coached team with disciplined players. And they had a LOT more to play for then BYU…Ferrari is a consummate leader out there and a money shooter.

How do you lose when you have a 13 point lead with 8 minutes left in the game?
Well, to start with, you take Childs out and insert Worthington, then you take Cannon out and insert Emery. Then you have Emery jack up a few long ones (even though he has bricked everything all night) and you turn the ball over 7 times.
Face it, San Fran is a much better team and their record shows it. Ferrari was a class act out there tonight, helping up BYU players several times and…BYU has no one that can guard Ferrari.

San Fran had 6 players show up to play and BYU had 3; Childs, Haws and Baxter. Little or no support from the rest except for Seljaas.

This game can be summed up by San Fran shooting 42% on 29 threes with only 7 turnovers. BYU shot a full 10% poorer from three and had 14 turnovers…not that bad except we did it in the last 7 minutes.

So BYU is at least a 5 loss team fighting for 3rd or 4th and as I said all season, Rose should be fired for playing favorites over talent. San Fran out coached the heck out of Rose tonight. BYU will get a 4 or 5 seed in the NIT, get to 20+ wins and the good ol boys will keep their jobs.

Baxter and Childs were winded and that’s why Worthington came in. That’s what he is for. He only played 6 minutes. Emery didn’t jack up bad shots. And Emery played while we got the 14 point lead.

We lost because we made 7 turnovers in 8 minutes. 4 in a row that lead to baskets. We missed free throws and open shots. But, it was our best players that threw the ball away and made bad decisions and did very little scoring in the final 12 minutes. Rose can’t make the passes and shots.

Luke is not a very good basketball player. Not the first time I’ve said that.

Yes he did and no he didn’t. I just watched the second half. His play tonight was almost as bad as his hairstyle.

Yeah, most of this is true. I agree it was a complete team effort in the loss. Childs and Haws are supposed to lead this team but the failed miserably. They complain at the refs too much and they show no sportsmanship or respect for the game. Honestly it is embarrassing.

No he can’t, but he can coach the team and lead by example. When the wheels started to come off, what did he do? He griped at the officials about stupid things that had no bearing on the outcome and he stopped coaching. His team leaders don’t do their jobs. Haws and Childs stunk it up in their play and leadership. They complain about every call… it’s pathetic. Worthington is a team captain and what does he do? Nothing for the most part. Admit it that he is not very good.

This is on the entire team and coach.

Haws and Childs played a great 32 minutes. But, others didn’t step up. Not only 7 turnovers but SF scored 28 points in 8 minutes. It was a team loss after a great 32 minutes.
Worthington has his good moments. The bad passes to him weren’t his fault. He did cut down the lane once not looking for the pass. But Haws had 5 turnovers. The bottom line is too many turnovers and missed free throws at a key time. And the turnovers gave SF 14 more shots. That’s the game.

In the worst way you cannot bring yourself to admit or acknowledge that he isn’t a very good player. You spin and twist like you are dancing at a sock hop. Hilarious.

I just watched the last 8 minutes again. Both passes to him were not catchable. They weren’t his fault. Blame him when he makes a mistake.

The turnovers and missed free throws lost the game. There were also mental lapses in defense. Cannon got lost on a defensive play and screened out Sejlass letting a player drive in for a layup. Haws left a player and the guy hit a 3.
And your complaining that Rose talks to the refs too much? So does Few and every other coach. That’s a ridiculous comment.

If that is the case Grasshopper, then that was bad coaching…

I remember Jerry Sloan had a schedule of when players would come in and out for the very reason they needed to “ready” for the fourth quarter and not be winded or out of energy.

It wouldn’t matter according to you guys. Anytime Worthington is in is a bad time according to you and others. All write it again, Worthington wasn’t the problem with the choke. He didn’t turn the ball over. The ball was in the hands of the right players and they choked.

I am not sure why you are including in this… I never said anyone “Sucks” when they are playing…

Jim does and others do. Perhaps in a blanket of flowery words but they do. And some are personal about it.

I think the bottom line is that this game actually similar to the two road wins last week. But BYU was on the opposite side last night. SF made several baskets and BYU made several turnovers and bad shots in the final 8 minutes. There were a few plays last night where if BYU makes the play, I think we win. Seljaas took a baseline 3 with about 3 minutes left and we were up 4. If that goes in, we are up 7 with some momentum. But it missed then SF came down and scored. Big swing there.

BYU is really an average college team that will likely be one and done in the NIT. We had a little fools gold last week with the big comeback wins. But tomorrow at Gonzaga will be real ugly - I’d bet anyone lunch and I’ll give you and Gonzaga 25 pts and I’d take the Zags to win and cover.

SF isn’t an average team. They are a good team. So are we. You are correct we played well against a good team for 37 minutes and gave it away with missed shots and free throws and some poor defense. While that 3 pointer was early in the shot clock, he was wide open in the corner and makes that shot most of the time. Haws Miss was short. Looked like he was fouled. If that’s called there is 3 more points. The turnovers caused a momentum change which perhaps affected the shots.
I have a question for Rose. Baxter has shown the ability to make 3 point shots. In that run of SF, Baxter spotted up in the corner and his team refused to pass him the ball. Why?

Maybe his name is Jimmer Baxter? Did DR told other guys not to pass it to him? I wonder.

I don’t know?

Once again, not what I said but rather what you twisted around to suit your opinion. I said that the players and coach COMPLAIN too much. They complain when they have clearly committed a foul, they complain when they don’t get every call they want. Haws has been to the free throw line more times than I can count the last several games so now he thinks every time he drives or shoots he should be getting a call. Childs complains or looks bewildered EVERY time he is called for a foul… EVERY time. I have never seen a player who does that. He belittles and questions the officials EVERY time. And lastly, Rose is constantly complaining to the officials. He is not “talking” to them, he is criticizing and disagreeing with them all the time. He tells them to watch the replay monitor, he gets angry, etc. It is embarrassing.

That is what I said. I didn’t say anything about Rose “talking” to the officials and certainly it is not done in the same way that Few does it.

LOL! So, you think when coaches “talk” to the officials during a game they aren’t “complaining?” When I wrote about Wooden, I’ll correct that so you can understand. Every time a ref would pass by Wooden, he would complain without moving his lips. It would frustrate refs because they couldn’t tell which coach was saying it. Yes, Few complains anytime you see him “talking” to a ref.
Anytime I talked to a ref during a game it was to complain. Before the game, it was a chat and usually to refs I personally knew like Grant or Smith. Uggg…

You obviously don’t understand that there are a variety of ways people communicate. That is part of your problem on this board. There are so many ways you can get your message across to somebody.

I am sure Wooden wasn’t complaining most of the time. That is another reason why his teams were so successful.

One of the reasons Childs, Haws and others complain so much is because they see their coach doing it. They follow his lead. If he got after them for doing it EVERY time, things might go better for them on occasion. If I were the official I would get tired of that nonsense real fast.

It’s okay, just another aspect of the game you don’t understand.

I would rather have the coach complain than the players… It makes the players look like whiners…

If a player “asks” (without the emotional facial expressions) the official to watch for things, then I do not have a problem with that.

Prime example is Vance Law, I did a game in Provo when he was the coach of the high school down there, a player complained to my partner about something and Vance yelled out “Stop complaining, if there is something I need to talk to the umpire about then I will do it”.

I’ve noticed that the players aren’t complaining tonight like they typically do, even when they have had some good reasons to do so. I still think it is better to not get after the refs and hope for the best.