SF Win and comments

Lots has been said in other blogs and places. Not much here. Is that because more and more are leaving CougarFan.com because of the changes? Seems that way.

I was reading and listening to some comments about last night. There is one that says Luke Worthington is a good defensive player. Does anyone else see that in him? I mean, better than what? What I saw last night is he should be forth coming off the bench. I’m not sure if Nielson shouldn’t be starting. He seems the only one that can give us some offense down low even thought he’s a bean poll.

Seems like every other team’s bigs have learned that little “flip hook or finger role” shot but BYU bigs. Why? Neilson is the one big that could actually use it and be successful with it.

Fischer’s shooting is really off. I was noticing that most of the time, he was not square to the basket and his shots were going left. He’s not getting his legs under him and staying strong in his shots.

Halford has gotten better as the year moves on. But, he also has a problem with his mechanics on his jump shots. He’s often times leaning in and actually floating in on his shots. They come up short or long because of it. When he makes the corner 3, he isn’t floating. He goes straight up. But, from the top of the key, he floats.

Winder is obviously not 100%. Neither is KC.

Why is Nixon getting so much playing time? I don’t get that.

I agree with you about Winder and KC. Winder’s knee is not fully back and KC looks like he’s slow and not getting up as fast, high, or powerfully as he was before he got the flu a couple weeks ago. One of the post game articles said Fischer has an injury to his left hand–that could easily be what is messing up his shot, but he looked U-G-L-Y last night. What I really want to know is WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY WE WERE CHUCKING UP WILD 3’S WHEN WE WERE IN THE DOUBLE BONUS WITH 13 MINUTES LEFT AND THE REFS WERE CALLING EVERY TOUCH FOUL?

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Seriously! What the heck was up with not driving on every play… That was insane to me. I couldn’t believe how many fouls they were calling but if they are going to call those then just keep driving.

Totally agree! Even the one drive Haws missed wasn’t that difficult. He just didn’t put the normal spin for a reverse layup on the ball. Winder is still hurt because he didn’t drive at all.

Oh, and if we aren’t going to properly use the zone defense then just scrap it.

What is different about anything many of us have been saying all season long?

Why hasn’t Nielson, FB4 gotten more minutes?
Why does Fischer chuck up the wild shots?
Why doesn’t BYU go to the basket when they are in double bonus with 13 minutes left in the game?
Why does Worthington get so many minutes?
Why did Kaufusi play so much/foul out?
Why does Nixon get so many minutes?

The same questions have been asked all season long.

Who is the person that makes these decisions? Maybe it is time for that person to be held accountable?

Well, it is of course the Coach’s decision. That would Be Coach Rose. His assistants just council during the game. Put bugs in his ear. Like, if we still had Carlino, Fischer would be riding the pine and taking better shots. Perhaps even better technique with his shots.

Nixon’s pass that got picked off was just one of those freshman type weak mistakes. But, came at the wrong time too. I have no idea why he’s getting all these minutes.

Neilson should be starting with the other blonde kid coming off the bench along with Kaufusi. Worthington should simply sit. He offers no offense at all.

Winder is obviously injured and didn’t penetrate much at all. Same with KC. Once again, another reason MC should still be at BYU and not putting up 20 points games with regularity at MU.

Obviously is seems BYU is playing with little confidence right now. I have a lot of respect for Haws and the beating and double teams he continually gets. Comparisons between Jimmer and Haws have and are likely to continue to surface. Both great players, but imo Jimmer was the better clutch shooter. I thought the Cosic Card was a good article and perhaps BYU needs to hit that pipeline hard again. It’s hard to argue with Rose’s past success, but the last couple of years I have been puzzled by and admitably agitated by game management decisions. I guess the puzzling thing about Nixon’s minutes is that he is leaving on a mission next year so could those minutes have been used better for someone who is going to be here the next 2 years? Fischer didn’t look good at all the last two games and his shooting stroke had looked really good so maybe the hand injury is
significant. Winder hasn’t been able to regain his touch since the knee injury, but he does so many other things. I hope Saturday Frank gets more PT and the other blonde guy:) Andrus sees some minutes. Lastly, play Neilson at least 20 minutes or until he fouls out!

Ok, I’ll bite on the MC argument, just because it’s midnight on Friday and I don’t want to go to bed because when I wake up I’ll be closer to Monday morning. MC is averaging 14ppg in 32 minutes and shooting a putrid 41% from the field. Winder is scoring 14ppg in 28 minutes and shooting 50%. I won’t even try to compare Winder’s efficiency and overall game to MC because I think it’s no contest. Assume MC were taking Fischer’s minutes: Fischer is scoring 13ppg in 28 minutes and shooting 43%. MC has scored 15 or more in 8 games, and 18+ in 6 games. Fischer has scored 15+ in 11 games and 18+ in 8 games. So Fischer is scoring more ppm, shooting at a higher %, and has scored more consistently. And he doesn’t dominate the ball. I’m not saying MC isn’t a good player, rather I don’t think he’s any better than Fischer and not close to Winder, and I don’t think we’d be a bit better with him than without him.

Ok I’ll bite because it’s Saturday and I don’t have anything else to do except honey-do things I’d rather put off. Winder is more valuable imo-hands down. Fischer is unselfish and normally takes good shots without forcing anything but isn’t making much the last two games for whatever reason. MC had more overall skills-assists-rebounding for a guard-speed and just guessing- a higher TO ratio to assists. Providing Fischer is making his shots I take Fischer because he fits the team concept better that BYU needs-if he is going to shoot poorly the rest of the year I’d rather have MC

I think one of the reasons Haws hasn’t been as good in the clutch is that he seems to get a lot more winded than Jimmer did. Jimmer was built a lot stronger than Haws. And, it seems to show late in games where he misses shots. Rose needs to get him more rest…

Generally, when you handle the ball more than another player, you are likely going to have more turnovers too. Fischer doesn’t handle the ball nearly as much a MC did. Nor does he this year as a 2 guard. And, the fact that Fischer’s shooting is so spotty lately and MC’s is now consistent, I too would like to have MC around for the final push to the end of the season.

With apparently both Winder and Fischer nursing injuries and shooting poorly of late, MC would really help now. And, KC is simply not consistently good since his apparent flu bug attack. The reason why teams that get into the Dance and go far is because they are deep. Just like in football. The deeper a team is, the better they can overcome injuries and illness.

really, we are visiting the Matty Basketball again. Good riddance. Quitter

More forced out told no lock on scholarship. I don’t see it as him quitting but being shown politely the door by the coach and fans.

First off, how do you include the fans in this whole scenario? Weaksauce…

MC update - he had half the teams turnovers and most of the missed 3 pointers and Marquette lost again. They are now under .500 and 2-7 in the big east.

Just an update, no need to attach any meaning to it.

Simple. All the negative stuff in here is just a small microcausome of the general fan base.
MC handled the ball and made the passes mostt of the time. Of course he will have most of the turnovers.
What was with all the missed freethrows early on tonight? Just finished watching the replay. We live by the 3 and die by the 3.

Coach Rose is grasping at straws to get an effective lineup going. I can’t wait for Mika to get back from his mission. by then Kaufusi will be a whole lot better. the 2 of them on the court together, 4 5, could be phenomenal. byu’s problem is that they always want a 4 who can make the 3 pointer and run the floor. the j.t. syndrome continues on. and on. Coach Rose’s guard mentality has it’s consequences. I’d much rather see a true Power forward on the floor for byu.

but hey, at least coach finally figured out that Worthless Luke Worthington is not a starter. I don’t think he even played at all last night.

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Both Neilsen and Andrus can hit the 3. Kaufusi is a 5. Not a 4. Mika has to be a 5. Andrus is the best bet. Mika and Andrus with the guards we will have is going to be unstoppable.

Andrus is over rated. His hairstyle will be his downfall.

Nobody that styles his hair like that can ultimately be a player…

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He reminds me of the Silus in the movie The Da Vinci Code.
He looked more comfortable on the court and does have a feel for the game. He knew where the ball was going to be on rebounds. The more he plays the better he will get. In fact, start him and Kaufusi against Pepperdine.