Since we are pretty much cooped up at home

I thought it would be interesting for us fans to share what good movies to watch.

I watched recently the Fighting Preacher by TC Christensen. Highly recommend it.
The other is Just Mercy with Michael B. Jordan. Again Highly recommend it. What is really amazing is that it is rated PG-13.

What about you guys? any recommendations?

I’ve recorded a bunch of movies on Direct TV and am watching them. Yesterday, Contact and Short Circuit. I watched Rudy a couple of days ago. A bunch of scenes were cut. Same with Short Circuit. I wish they wouldn’t do that.

I watched the Other Side of Heaven (Part 2) on BYU TV. and another movie called Miracles on BYU TV.

We watched part 1 and part 2 as well on Sunday.

If you can rent it, watch “Just Mercy”, it is a very powerful movie and well done. It also has Jamie Fox in it.
I need to watch the other side of heaven Part2.
When I was on my mission, John H. Groberg came to our Stake conference. He actually had lunch with my companion and I. I never really knew his back story (mission), but he was such a nice person.

Speaking of the conference, Elder Groberg called a new Stake President in that conference. This what he the new Stake President said when he spoke:
“I told Elder Groberg I was a “week” bishop, why would you call me to this position(He was called to be the bishop of his ward the week before). Well accepting this calling is a big dilemma, It like watching your brand new Cadillac go over the cliff with your mother in law in it”

His mother in law was sitting front and center in the audience. Made me laugh.

I’ve been mostly watching movies with my daughters. Aladdin (the new one), Knight Before Christmas, Life as We Know It, and Holiday in the Wild. Tomorrow night, we are going to watch an old Disney movie such as Herbie Goes Bananas or something like that. Those were a real treat when I was young.

I just couldn’t get into the Herbie movies. I was into Beach Blanket Bingo beach movies with Annett and Frankie :joy:

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch both the fighting preacher and Out of Liberty, both good movies.

Also, you can bundle Hulu, ESPN and Disney+ for a pretty decent prices and get all the Disney movies right now you can stand.

Thanks Floyd! I had seen those trailers last year but didn’t know they were on Amazon Prime. We will definitely check them out.

I think I’ll watch Capricorn One. I think it’s applicable at this time :upside_down_face: