Sitake record at BYU as HC

Over the 7 years (excluding the 2023 season) he has been the BYU HC, Sitake has amassed an overall record of 56 wins and 34 losses. The 7-year average won-loss record is 8 wins and 5 losses. Exclude the Covid year and his won-loss record is 45 wins and 33 losses. The 6-year average is 7.5 wins and 5.5 losses. So the Covid year does not make much of a difference in the average wins and losses of Kalani’s reign.

So for 7 years (again excluding 2023) Sitake’s average is 8 wins and 5 losses. Not a brilliant record.

If BYU can add more talent and depth in the next 3 to 5 years, perhaps we can get back to 8 and 5, year in and year out, in the Big 12. Not championship numbers, however.

This time Sitake has 2 scapegoats: ARod and Funk. Wonder which one (or both) he will use (remember scapegoat Detmer) this time to keep his 3 to 4 million dollar per year job.

Oh well, I very much doubt how much above the 8 and 5 record, the top brass really cares about anyway.

ya got it. good nuff. :raised_hand:

I think maybe you should have started a discussion on something less controversial, like why isn’t Sitake dancing on the sidelines this year. That would get things going.

There is a lot of talk about coaching issues. That’s only part of the problem. BYU is on the bottom end of the conference in talent. Hopefully that will improve after a few years in the Big12. You would think being in a P5 would help recruiting. I guess we will find out.

You probably hit on something about the BOTs not caring that much about the football program. There are some things that will probably never change. BYU will never pay coaches what other P5 programs will pay and there is no way they will condone paying obscene amounts of UIL money to some 18 to 21 year old kid to play what is in the grand scheme of things just an unimportant game.

Aro I agree with you on all points. I think the basketball team is starting way father back than the football team, but I think basketball will catch up to the pack faster. Just this week Pope signed two legit B12 ballers, and combined with Chandler and Adams, that’s 3 this year and 4 in two years—almost an entire basketball team of B12 ready athletes. How long will it take Sitake to recruit 30 or 40? I think our football program has a very long and tough row to hoe.

The great thing about basketball is that one big star surrounded by some good role players can take a team a long way. Adams could be that star. He would already be surrounded by some good role players and BYU could be better than expected this year if the NCAA gives them a break(very big if). If the U had Adams I would say he would have a 90% chance of getting a waiver and playing. BYU 50/50 at best. Another thing what is taking them so long to make a decision. The jacka$$es have been sitting on it for months.

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Not sure why my computer isn’t letting me cut and paste my post from the basketball forum, but I wrote my comments there about why Marcus’ waiver is taking so long.

Why is it taking so long? Is there a phone number or email I can contact them and give them a piece of my mind?

Dead on but that rope is getting oh so short. Arod would land on his feet, he put 2 QBs in the NFL, or should I say, They put themselves there and Arod clapped.