Sitaki gets contract extension

Good news!

Scott, did you take the time to check out the date of the article?

the article was in Dec of 2021.

In other words: OLD NEWS!

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Just trying to remind those constant naysayers about Sitaki.

I wondered as I thought it was rather a quick extension after the other one but didn’t bother to read or look at date

Details which are usually very important are routinely missed or ignored by the Hopper!

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No, you were just trying to be contentious with people. Since you like to tout yourself as a good member of our faith, remember this:

" “only by pride cometh contention” Proverbs 13:10, If you care more about **“winning an argument” ** or “being right,” a spirit of contention is almost certain to follow. President Nelson.

And before you start, I have said I am any better, but at least I admit it.

And, you just had to respond pointing your finger in contentious fun. :innocent:

I think this covers my base, with a typo I missed:

Yes Floyd, you are trying to push me down which puffs you up. Why not just discuss and debate opinions on topics without questioning purposes for the opinions? I don’t think most in here can do it.