So excited for BYU in the Big 12- killin it

1 BYU sets a NEW RECORD for 3s taken in a single game. That’ll help the NET numbers’ immensely.

2 Pope is the BEST in game coach in America. The way he adapts to live game changes is Breathtaking.

3 You know who else is killin it? Hall, our very mature Point Guard and floor general. The way he drives to the hoop or takes 35 foot shots is just amazing. Hall was a true leader out there tonight making 2-12 threes. That’s 6 points right there, boys. Way To Go Stud.

4 Waterman is so good in big games, I’m changing his name to Houdini. I Trust him to disappear in big moments and poof, done deal, now that’s what I call consistency. Houdini did lead the team in rebounds, 8, I will give him that.

5 Knell gets 9 threes and out scores the entire team in the second half and Pope sits him for 6 minutes, refer back to #1. Such a goooooood coaching job.

6 another great coaching job…Baker, the only cougar that plays ball control and gets to the hoop any time he chooses gets a big fat 3 minutes play time. Refer back to #1

7 This was BYU’s second most easiest game in the big 12 and we sure showed them all what BYU is all about. Way to go Pope and way to go team. Sooo excited.

You meant #2 for a couple of them. I and the announcers were scratching their heads about Knell being on the bench for so long. I don’t think that was the problem. Our defense is not as good as you and others think. Their coach made the change and broke down the defense with their ball handling guards. Still could have won if we had done 7 things:

  1. Put Fouss back in and try to score more down low
  2. Someone make 3 more 3’s
  3. Don’t let Johnson shoot anything in the lane more than 1 foot from the basket
  4. Make 4 more free throws
  5. Play Adams this year
  6. Stewart lost his opportunity with turnovers
  7. Play Baker a lot more