So if Alabama wins the "national championship playoff" scam

that exists in college football right now, should they be crowned as the national champion? I am watching Central Florida take on the Auburn Tigers, the SEC and the Officials… all at the same time and finish their season undefeated. Alabama’s only loss will have been to Auburn, who unbelievably has 3 losses and is still ranked ahead of UCF, so which team is the real “national champion”?

Just another note on the officiating. it is biased against UCF… and honestly it is too bad. But, we live in a society that has accepted this kind of crap and chosen to live with it because it is always all about the money.

Central Florida is the real national champs… doesn’t matter what the talking heads say.

How in the world did they get left out? Not enough money I suspect. Great win!

UCF, BSU, Memph, BYU, USF, Houston, SDSU etc would make a pretty good league and one that would have to be recognized over the next 5 yrs. Again it all depends on winning etc coaching!

I have a feeling establishing a new league would be easier than getting invited into the BIG 12 or PAC12.

Well that pretty much solidifies the conspiracy and sham that college football has become. Two SEC teams in the national championship both of whom were beaten soundly by Auburn, who with 3 losses was ranked well ahead of Central Florida.

Central Florida, though undefeated, gets no respect even beating Auburn. They finish the season undefeated.

Central Florida is the real national champion by virtue of beating the team that beat both of the teams in the mythical national championship game and more importantly being the only undefeated team in the nation.

Congratulations Central Florida on being National Champions.

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I share your same beef. the Haves run football. the Have nots have no say. I am sure there will be a lot of talk long after the season is over. As for Bama…they looked seriously good in their win but this looks like a Georgia year to me.

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A playoff system that leaves out an unbeaten team, and ranks that team 12th (behind 3 loss teams), is NOT legitimate. Every game counts? Nah.

Mark Titus
3rd-best SEC team is gonna play another SEC team for a national title on same field where UCF clinched 13-0 season by beating 2nd-best SEC team (who beat those other 2 SEC teams). Thank God the 4-team playoff has brought undisputed clarity to what used to be a complicated mess!

So UCF not playing for NC? Will AP Voters going to vote for UCF because they are the only one left undefeated? I like to see AP Voters give UCF the NC!
Jeremy from KSL Sports last night news said UCF should be crowned NC because they did beat Auburn and Auburn did beat both Georgia and Bama!
I thought the winner of each P5 conference get the autobid to get in. Ohio St. should be in not Bama. But I don’t care about Ohio St anyway.
It is not UCF fault they didn’t play like those P5 played this year. It was not BYU fault that we played those Bo Diddley Tech (WAC) back in 1984!
All those G5 and Independent schools are in the same FBS league and we deserve respects!
Change Playoff Format to 8 or 16 or somthing.

UCF is not in a P-5 conference. The p-5 leagues control college football. Case closed.

This is true, but I love the carnage and the defensiveness in justifying why XYZ is always excluded. I also love that the championship is between two SEC teams with losses. It couldn’t be more obvious that the fix is in, but they don’t care. They do, however, react defensively to criticism of their tweaks to the system and the inevitable obvious conspiring and colluding.

Good for Central Florida!

The most hilarious part of it is that the officials did their best, without making it too obvious, to help Auburn beat UCF and they couldn’t do it.

There was this constant balance they tried to acheive in the game… how much can we get away with and not have it be totally obvious, like they pushed it as far as they could… doing their best to help that SEC team beat the undefeated UCF. I mean why does anyone think they put Auburn in that game? The colluders were sure that Auburn, who beat Alabama and Georgia, could beat UCF easily. It didn’t happen LOL.

Until CFB creates a true type of playoff format (conference winners and maybe a couple of wildcards), CFB will continually suffer from this problem. They think they solved it by getting the top 4 in the polls, but it doesn’t. Alabama didn’t win their division in the SEC, so didn’t even make it to the SEC playoffs. That alone should have invalidated them from even getting into the top 4, but it didn’t.

Heck, I remember in 1978, USC beat Alabama in Birmingham early that season (24-14), but shared a Co-National Championship. USC lost a game a couple weeks later. USC took the UPI poll, and AP gave it to Alabama. To be a bit fair, Alabama beat the AP#1 seed, Penn St (undefeated) in their bowl game.