So what does Pope need to win at BYU

Pope has said that he intends to develop a world recruiting mentality with the Churches worldwide imprint. Love it
(my take- we aren’t going to fall for a team full of Mr Basketballs, we need athletes)

Rose’s biggest downfall was playing favorites…Lone Peakers over more talented players. Transfers have shined elsewhere when they could have stayed at BYU- Pope talks in detail about the need of our program keeping good players all four years, we are not a top 25 program that can just plug in the next 4 star player.

Early transfers for overseas $$ is a direct result of talented players leaving because they did not feel BYU would be dancing or furthering the player’s prospects. Pope says this is a very high priority. Now get Childs to sign back up.

We aren’t that far from being a dance team…just a couple of 6’7 athletes away, grad tranfers.

We need to win now, not latter. restore the fan base and get good recruits thinking, “Hey, why not BYU”

I agree with Fish!!

Here is the 1st big news that isn’t news at all.

Toolson can flat shoot the rock. Think of Seljaas before his mission and shoulder problems.

Guys that can hit 3s as the team looks today:
Emery-if he stays

Still lean at point, speed and athletes so Pope has 2 schollies left, stay tuned.

Now Wyatt Lowell, 6’7 Wac Fr of the year…will sit one year

Guy can shoot but then so can our other 6 guards. at 6’7 I see this guy as a defender (what Seljass does only stronger). From what I see, I’m liking a lot.

Since we are talking next year. We know that we will lose Seljass, Emery, Toolson, Haws, Nixon. Everybody but Harding, Lee and Baxter that we have seen play. Boy, Pope will have his work cut out next year.

This years team
Shooting Guard (solid)

Point Guard (Good, need one more)
Hardnett (?)
Emery can play some point

Forward (Good but lacking)
De Silva (?)

Center (Dismal)
Li (decommited)

Boy have we got a couple of holes to fill. If Childs were to come back, we would be really good, Dance good. We still don’t have a Center but then who uses them in today’s game. What we really need is a true power forward.

Outside of Childs it’s been dismal since Mika

According to the article he is 6’10" and 205 lbs. Sounds like he needs to put on some weight. His numbers weren’t that good so the WAC must not have had many good freshman last year. He was a 4 star recruit pre-mission and the article said he can shoot and create space off the dribble.

Gavin Baxter 6’-9" at 209 lbs.

It wouldn’t hurt to work out but his frame seens fine

Confirmed today, Childs will enter the draft and forego his senior season. My favorite Childs moment? The monster dunk on Utah at Energy Solutions, SLC. I was at the game sitting next to Utah’s Athletic Director, Chris Hill, gave him a high five. Hahahaa.
Good luck Childs, you gave us 3 great years. Go out there and make big for you and your mother.

well, that changed everything. Childs if back. biggest news of the off season since the hiring of Pope.
So what will the team look like? More like Golden State if you ask me. and a chance for a good seed in the NCAA.

Few will be loaded again. Bennett will have his team playing at a high level but BYU is going dancing, mark it down.