So what is the gap?

I do not watch much pro football so looking for your thoughts.
Hurts vs. Taysom Hill. Both run very well, but both are not as good at passing. Where’s the gap? Why is Hurts so good and Hill is not bad? Maybe rate each for both passing and running on a 1-10 scale? I assume Hurts running is 9 or 10.

Hill isn’t playing. Mahomes is KC’s QB.

A lot of it is the offensive schemes that is being implemented by the team.

Hill’s problem was the Drew Breeze was the starter, and then Peyton quit and the new HC implemented a different scheme that does not utilize the talents of Hill,

my thoughts anyway.

Hill had more rushing TDs than the rest of the Saints put together. He averaged six yards per carry even though the defense almost always knew what was coming. He had the highest completion percentage, QB rating, and yards per attempt of the 3 QBs. The fact that he had super low volume passing usage as a QB only shows how stupid their coaching staff is. Maybe God will take mercy on him and rescue him from the dumpster fire called the Saints.

Well Sean Payton is now in Denver, so there is hope.

Good thoughts. Hurts might be a better passer than Hill I’m guessing, or viewed as such. Just seems they have to be a whole lot similar in how they can help lead a team by being a running quarterback.

Not even close.
Hurts will win some Super Bowls before he is done. He hit over 70% of his passes in the game. He is elite. Hill is great but he can’t juke like Hurts, Hill just powers through guys while Hurts is deceptive speed and only going to get better as a passer. To be honest, my beloved Chiefs won their last two games on penalities.

Hill’s versatility hinders him because they get to use his talents but don’t have to play him at quarterback. I think the main reason he didn’t get the quarterback playing time last year is due to his contract. He gets paid big bucks if he is a full time starter at QB with X passes, touchdowns etc but gets smaller bucks while playing all the other positions.