So, what was that about China?

That dang conspiracy about the Chinese billionaire and the Nets wasn’t real. The NBA is real again!!!

It’s still true.

What about your contradictory statement about the need for superstars in order to win? Clipper won without Kawai. Nets won without Irving and Harden was a no show but the Nets still took the Bucks to OT. The NBA is disappointed that the Nets players got hurt and the refs weren’t able to get them to the conference finals but it worked for the Clippers without Kawai.

I told you the best team in the NBA wouldn’t make it to the finals or win the title and I was right. Just because the Nets had injuries doesn’t mean the NBA didn’t want them to win.

You don’t get it, so sad for you.

Oh come on…You said it in so many posts and so many ways that the NBA and Silverstein wanted the Nets to win because of their ties to China. They didn’t win and Lebron’s team who are tied to China didn’t either. With all three Superstars the Nets win in 5. Durant only is like Lebron only. Losers. Has nothing to do with China or the Nets and Lakers would be in the finals.

Hopper is full of blah blah blah and stuff he says make no sense and more blah blah blah from him.

You guys act like your Einstein’s until things don’t go your way. Then, exhibit cancel culture :sunglasses:

Just because a team doesn’t make it doesn’t mean the NBA didn’t want them to. The officials can only do so much. Look at what is going on in the playoffs now. The Clippers beat Phoenix without Kawai in the game that Paul played. Makes no sense. The Suns will win that series now and the NBA is fine with it. In fact the league HAS to be okay with what is happening because the Chinese team they wanted couldn’t cut it. There is no explaining to do. If you were more astute you would understand.

That is something I have been saying for years. When it comes to government issues you seem to have all the answers but you don’t think the same kind of stuff takes place in the corporate world. That is where you lack understanding. Keep trying though and you will get it eventually.

I’m so glad I’m not astute. The pretzels you twist yourself into to get the desired results. It must be exhausting.
I’ve never said anything about corporate corruption not existing. However, believing it’s systemic isn’t true either. This idea that life has to be fair is more destructive or in other words, equitable. Equity is the new buzzword for Marxism. “Equal” doesn’t mean “equity.” What is playing out in the NBA is equal opportunity, not Marxism or equity for the Chinese Government or the rich Chinese business owner.
Now, let’s all enjoy life, be educated by true knowledge and not unsustainable conspiracies :slight_smile:

It’s interesting how you pick and choose the different organizations you want to believe in and support… based on what?

You believe that the NBA is a pure, genuine organization free of corruption, agendas and unrighteous goals? Likewise, depending on what you want to believe you pick and choose those organizations you support? Which businesses are the right ones? Which corporations are honest, have moral values and do what is right, independent of their profit goals and greedy aspirations?

Please let the rest of us in on it… all knowing mastermind.

Too funny… :joy:

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I’m not picking or choosing any corporation’s. You are. I was clear when I wrote “ I’ve never said anything about corporate corruption not existing. However, believing it’s systemic isn’t true either.” There’s alway going to be some level of corruption. Sometimes it’s not intentional either. I witnessed some corruption at the MTC when working as a custodian. People are people and don’t always live up to the standards. The head of the secular portion of the MTC business was a righteous woman who wouldn’t assert her responsibilities because she thought her authority was overruled by the Priesthood when it was not. And the unrighteous perpetrators of wickedness got away with stuff they shouldn’t have. I attempted to show what was going on but the corrupt won out do to fear by the righteous. It was very sad. I young coed working their who had to literally be baptized in Lake Michigan due to family abuse was subject to sexual harassment and innuendos by heads of custodian departments. So we’re a few male workers as well. Corruption when good people interpret authority improperly. You saw it with BYU campus police.
So, because there is some corruption doesn’t mean the widespread China corruption exists because it’s not being played out as you believed it would. So, relax and sit back and enjoy a BYU alumnus play in the post season. :sunglasses:

If the Bucks win, the finals will be Milwaukee vs Phoenix. Hardly a China connection :sunglasses: