Soccer Match Thoughts

Did anyone watch that match last night? I was really dissappointed in a few things. The ref bias was really plain in the time I watched the match. At about the 70 minute mark a light bump took place going for the ball and about six steps later the Colorado player literally took a dive on the grass the up went the flag. At about the 75 minute mark a BYU guy got open near the Colorado goal and the defender clearly took him out with a body block to knock him down, like a football block and there was a no call. It was a hard take down, not a player dive. One think I learned about soccer players is they will do anything to win, they will fake anything. As I watched on U-tube the lag was terrible. I never saw the shootout at the end. The most disturbing part of the match was the U-Tube comments by the viewers. The anti-Mormon hate speech and the anti-BYU hate speech was unbelieveable to me. The language was filthy, Understand that I am a military war veteran with 40 years so there Is very little that I have not heard before. It was the tone of the language. Some people have uneducated speech and constantly use bad language, but the tone and the hate associated with it was just wrong. There is a price that you pay when you talk like that. Another sad thing was the constant comments about the drunks beating the Mormons. You would have thought the the match was against some team from the hood. The comments were like Pelicans fans during their games. Man there are a lot of uneducated people. Vulgarity is the inability of a feeble brain to express itself intelligently

Nothing new here Jeff…

This is what all of the athletic teams at BYU have been dealing with on a regular basis since there has been intercollegiate sports.

I know there are some here that don’t believe it but they just aren’t paying attention.