Some rumors that Whitt

will retire within the next 3 years. Got to wondering if Sitaki would remain “true blue” at that time or angle for U of U HC?

If he takes Tuiaki with him to Salt Lake, I’m all for it. :slight_smile:


He has kind of hinted through the media meetings that he does not see him going much beyond that point, I think he would be around 65-68 age.

I am not sure Kalani would go, not sure if there is an upside now that BYU is in the Big12… I know Morgan Scally was in line to take over until he got caught for texting offensive racial comments to a player a few years ago.

But I am with Rubicon, if he could send Tuiaki there, I would be all for it.

Let’s trade Utah our HC and DC for their QB and freshman safety #6. Baseball and football teams traded coaches for players 100 years ago, so maybe we could renew that tradition…

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Dumb… That’s all I have to say on this subject…

Still true.

Not since his little issue with texting a racist comment to a player.

forgiven. He is mini Whitt