Sooners Cougars predictions

Just reminder about judging Retzlaff to much on turnovers.

We once had a turnover machine QB back in the day, that liked to scramble and lose the ball more than what we would like to see. His name Steve Young.

Not saying this kid is the next Steve Young, but I would not worry about it as much right now.

Who’s judging him? The pick 6 was a game killer. A 14 point turnaround. 1st and 2 for a touchdown and we pass after running it down the field for the most part? Shouldn’t have been an option for him. Hand it off or run. Penalties a killer. Fumbles a killer.
3rd and 20 and we run. With 5 minutes left we punt?
Then, we burn the last time out before 1st down?

Judging performance is the ability to make a decision or form an opinion wisely about how well someone or something is doing. This board has been judging the performance of this team all year Scott.

When someone is talking about judging, it is not always negative.

But for fun, let look at your post and Judging:

The effects of a bad play on the outcome of the game = Judging

The decision of the OC to throw on that play, when the entire series was run based = Judging

How penalties and fumbles hurt us in the game = Judging.

In other Words, Scott, you are judging the team’s performance based on your observation. That is not a negative, but rather what you saw.

I finally watched the taped game tonight, Had to get some things done before the snow flies here.

Not sure if Gabriel would have affected the game more than the freshman. I thought our defense played both QB’s quite well. There was some ticky tack PI’s that hurt, and especially the missed PI when Rex was nailed before the ball got there.

I will give credit for the O-line today, for the most part they played fundamentally far better than all the previous games.

A couple of the fumbles were caused because of missed blocks, but Ratzlaff needs to be a bit more careful with the ball.

What’s up with the snapped ball when Ratzlaff was still looking at the receiver being set? announcers said that the OU players were clapping their hands.

This is the type of game that I know our guys competed, losing sucked, but I am proud that these guys gave a 100% today.

You got lost. You were saying not to judge Ratzlaff because of Steve Young. So, I simply asked who is judging Ratzlaff? So, who is?

ding ding, good call

New QBs make their biggest jumps in their second and third games. Encouraged

We found a run game, encouraged.

Much talk about the option of run or pass on the ill fated pic 6. more later on why some coaches should be fired.

We will see if BYU is competitive in Ok next week

First down and goal at the 2 you at least run it once or twice up the gut. If you you gain a little on first down run it up the gut again on 2nd down. If you lose yardage on 1st down think about running it wide. It is very hard to get guys open that close to the end zone. If you throw it should be play action with a fake hand off for a dive play and then a toss to a wide open receiver or throw it away. At worst they should have gotten a field goal if the first 3 plays go nowhere or they lose yardage.


I gave you a reference. I also gave you several comments you made that was “Judging” Retzlaff.

Sorry you can’t see it.

One of the announcers for the game said that when they were talking to ARod, it was mentioned that Arod had changed the scheme for the Lineman. What they were asked to do was more complex and timing. ARod said he simplified the scheme of what the lineman needed to do to block. At least that is the jist I took from the comment.

Added to that, Robbins is finally 100% healthy, that made for a good running game.

What reference. You gave nothing. Now, who is?