Sooners Cougars predictions

Sorry, I know there is a previous topic where some predictions were posted, but couldn’t find it.

Will again go with my pre-season predictions - just for my own entertainment - and pick a BYU win.
It’s getting a lot tougher to come up with any rationale for BYU winning, especially this game.
Here goes: The offensive line FINALLY doing some things right. Saw an recent post from Floyd that showed the starters - really, on paper still looks formidable. WRs can be good, no dropped passes this game. Slovis if near hundred percent can still make all the throws. Defense - well, too injured, so will give up a lot of points. Special teams will be GREATLY improved - meaning, can’t get worse, can it? So with all that
BYU 48 OU 47.

48-47? We will come from 3 touchdowns behind to win with a Hail Mary and extra point. Hmmm…Sounds familiar :smile:

That, I would enjoy thoroughly!

It’s dangerous to compare results vs common opponents, this one is too tempting:

OU put 59 points and 644 yards on WVU. No big disparity in TOs, etc. OU simply did literally anything it wanted. Just a week earlier, BYU played WVU until WVU emptied the bench for the last BYU drive, BYU had 215 yards and zero points. OU also put 523 and 50 up on Iowa State, a team that made BYU look like grade school kids.

ISU and WVU offenses both put video game numbers up against our D, but both were held to 20 points and under 350 yards vs OU.

BYU is simply not a competitive football team right now. 52-17 Oklahoma.

BYU gets beat by more than 40 points and it might be more than 50. We have a bad OC and the head coach is limited mentally from knowing what to do. Good guy but poor head coach. Players are average or below because the recruiting and schemes have been terrible on defense for 7 years. 55-10 is my prediction

Where has this team been all year?

Do you believe!

My wife came downstairs and said there sure seems to be a lot less whining this week

:rofl::rofl::rofl: The question will be how do we handle Oklahoma’s adjustments.

Jake „How YOU doin?“ Retzlaff doing much better this week

Good news is Gabriel out for game ( hope not seriously) bad news is byus history of making new QBs look like all Americans

Do I believe? No, absolutely not. We’re playing competitively but Oklahoma is a far better team than us, even without their starting quarterback. But I would love to eat crow if they did win

And there it is
14 point swing

We should be up 14

3 Retzlaff Turnovers = 21 sooner points
Game killer

Imploding before our eyes

Why did we punt?

That’s what I was wondering

In many ways maybe their best game -defense and running game - but turnovers
They out muscles OU most of the game
MAY have a chance at Stillwater but huge odds against

My prediction is 31-24. BYU will be very competitive the entire game but costly turnovers will kill them. Robbins will have a breakout game.

This prediction was made a month ago and sealed in a water tight container and placed in my toilet tank. I just retrieved it and opened the container.