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Somebody tell those stupid kids at BYU to stop the finger waves when BYU is serving. Serving takes a lot of concentration and you are disrupting because the servers can see you in their perriferia. Knock it off dumb students.

Who won the game tonight?

Stanford. :angry:

I agree, but the average BYU student fan has never been that knowledgeable. I saw it all the time 30 years ago and since then.

As far as the game goes, I think BYU always gets a little full of themselves when they make that #1 ranking because this has happened before. They played soft when it got to crunch time and mattered… giving a lot of momentum to Stanford. BYU is good but they always have trouble with the psychological aspect of sports competition.

Why does mens volleyball lose to Stanford. Why can’t they beat them?

Because when crunch time came in the fourth and fifth sets BYU stunk it up, couldn’t hold a lead, blew service and #10 looked like a deer in the headlights.

It’s a disease that athletes at BYU have had since I can remember.

The deer in the headlights…

That is why it is special when we get an athlete like a Danny Ainge, Jimmer Fredette or Ty Detmer or even a Taylor Sander (volleyball) who is able to step up their game under the bright spotlight of pressure and scrutiny.

It’s because BYU players don’t have enough ghetto in them.