Sports Teams Walking out on their Jobs

I do not support teams or players who walk out on their jobs in order to divide our Nation, dishonor our flag and those who died for our liberty and freedom. I would rather give up sports altogether than to give up on our liberty and freedoms we enjoy. I refuse to watch the NBA, NFL Football, ML Baseball, ML Soccer and college sports where free speech, religion and thought are enslaved unless everyone bows down to a few thoughtless athletes who have earned and amassed millions of dollars on the backs of white people and then demand reparations in the form of taxation and destroying businesses that aren’t theirs. 300,000+ North White Servicemen died in the Civil War setting blacks free in the South. How much more blood of white people do you thoughtless athletes want spilled in your behalf? All you athletes are going to do is cause separate leagues of black and white athletes with Hispanics and Asians going to wherever league they want to play in. You are doing the bidding of Louis Farrahkan who wants a separate nation of Islam black people. Is that what you want?

Some of you may think my comments are racist. But, those who know me know I’m no racist. Not even close. I am a realist and I’m asking what do you black athletes really want? Do you want more division and separation? Because that’s what’s happening. You see some white folk in with the protesters and anarchists. But, most white folk are not participating and are getting sick and tired of being called racist. There is no systemic racism as of now. But, keep it up and Satan will issue its existence back into our nation. I heard one of our top black athletes recently say he noticed white people looking at him and sometimes felt uncomfortable as though they were thinking why is he here at BYU. I’m telling him and other black athletes that’s not what white people are thinking of you. They are recognizing you as a special person that has great talent and plays sports at such a high level. I remember back in 1978 when Keith Rice was a Senior and I happened to bump into him. He looked at me and then away but I stopped him and said what I was thinking. “Thank you for the effort you put in to play basketball at such a high level. It was a pleasure to watch you play.” That’s why I looked at him. He was shocked and thanked me with a tear in his eye. That’s what us white people are thinking. (By the way, I was born Jewish and got my fill of bigotry growing up)

There will always be poor among us. There will always be racism and bigotry among us as well. It’s how we react to it that counts. The man who was shot in Wisconsin was shot by an officer who became frightened for his life as the man reached in his car for a weapon. Gun, Knife, who knows. I seriously doubt it was because he was racist. Yet, the NBA and other leagues refuse to play their jobs. Not waiting for information or anything about the incident. Take a deep breath and maybe you will see what I see. A nation going crazy before us. Take a deep breath, get on our knees, and pray for all people to seek love and patience. To seek the Lord’s help and stop ignoring the Lord.

Share your thoughts and don’t be afraid of those who may call you names. They are gutless wonders in their own minds. Liberty, freedom and justice for all.

Thank you Scott for courageously putting into words what most of us are feeling, but are afraid of being attacked for doing so. I too am a realist and believe sports are not the place for airing your grievences or making political statements. Sports should be our collective opportunity to escape from our petty differences of opinion and enjoy healthy competition, team effort and mutual respect. I also refuse to support the NBA, NFL and others that disrespect our flag, our heritage and humanity. Find another outlet for your protests and do the job you agreed to do and are paid handsomely for. Go Cougars!

I also believe that the inclusion of blacks in sports is part of the reason there is no systemic racism. It has helped and we are losing that. The Democrats don’t want blacks to be able to take their children out of inner city schools to better schools with white kids. I’m in favor of intergration. It takes time to change feelings but future generations benefitted from it with respect to change hatred. And Sports was important in that. The leaders of the current Democrat Party are still racists.

After these spoiled brat, very wealthy, adolescents did their walkouts in different sports, I will not longer attend or watch major league teams, no matter the sport. Furthermore, I will no longer watch sports segments on national or local broadcasts. The RealSaltLake team owner gets called a racist and is being rebuked and investigated by the league for saying he was disgusted by the team boycotting a game right before it was to begin. Are there any on this board who sincerely believe that free speech is in danger of going away. The only sport that I am interested in is BYU and then tentatively depending on further comments from the players and how the university responds or does not respond.

I watch BYU Sports Nation but have just about had it with the announcers clueless about the reality of this cancel culture and fake racist issue.

I was watching MLK’s son today and he’s clueless as well. His dad would be proud how far we have come and would be appalled at BLM and the riots.

I listen to MLK’s niece and she has a much better understanding of MLK Jr.

Interesting comments Hopper and BYU campus. You can add the liberal P-5 conferences to your comments. They are all anti-BYU and overly little. The Big -Ten and the Pac-Twelve conferences are against freedom of speech and against all religious schools except Notre Dame.