Sring Practice Starts in 2 Weeks. Ron Unharriet posted

Ron posted this and the site closed…
So here is his post:

Zach Wilson, Jaren Hall, and Baylor Romney
(3 Top QB’S.)

Zach Wilson, Jr., 6-3, 203 — Completed 62.4% of passes for
2,382 yards, 11 touchdowns, 9 interceptions in nine games.

Baylor Romney, So., 6-2, 193 — Completed 63.5% of passes for
747 yards, seven touchdowns, two interceptions while starting in two games in 2019

• Jaren Hall, So., 6-1, 205 — Completed 67.4% of passes for 420 yards, 1 touchdown, no interceptions while starting in two games in 2019
So many ways to look at this picture.

11 touchdowns in 9 games = 1.22 per game.
9 interception in 9 games = 1 per game.
2,382 yards in 9 games = 264. 2/3 yards per game.
7 touchdowns in 2 games = 3.5 per game
2 interceptions in 2 games = 1 per game
747 yards in 2 games = 373.5 per game
1 touch down in two games = 1/2 TD per game.
No interceptions per game = no interceptions per game.
420 yards per game = 210 per game.
My conclusion:
Romney has the most T.D.S per game
3.5 Romney
1.22 Wilson
0.5 Hall

Hall is the best of throwing without interceptions.

0.0 Hall
1.0 Romney
1.0 Wilson

Romney has the most yards per game
373.5 Romney
264 3/4 Wilson
210 Hall

Romney gets the most yardage per game and scores the most points per game, and ties Wilson for most interceptions per game while Hall has no interceptions.

Hall ls the most consistent having no interceptions.

Wilson has the most experience.

With Spring Practice starting in two weeks, I would keep my eye on Romney as our possible new starter. Mostly because of the yardage scoring per game, I would have Wilson as bck up, leaving Hall in third place. (Yes I like Hall too)

Leadership must also be considered. All three seem to have good leadership.

Also, what was the level of difficulty of each team the 3 of these guys played? Did Romney play the easiest teams or difficult teams? Did Hall play the easy teams or the difficult teams? What about Wilson? It is not easy choosing among the three of these guys. Each seems to have good talent that we don’t want to lose

Too bad we lost our RB coach to Arizona. He left to go to a team with a lot more success and respect being in a P5 conference, Pac12. Add to that advantage to Arizona, that school pays much more for their coaches than we do. We have to wish our departing RB coach good success on his new job

Welcome to Harvey Unga to take his place.

According to Coach Sitake, the QB position is “Wide Open” competition.

My thoughts:

  1. Kalani and company learned from their mistake with Tanner Mangum to just hand over the reigns as QB because he was the starter the previous year.

  2. I also think Coach Sitake has some doubts about Wilson learning from his mistakes last year. It seemed (at least to me) that Wilson kept making the same mistakes over and over (mostly with when he threw interceptions). That is just a theory I have, nothing based in documented fact.

I hope Sitake has learned some lessons about in game performance rather than subjective practice evaluations. A QB is really hard to judge in a firm manner without seeing them in game situations. Sometimes that happens with other skill positions also but QB is the main one. Until Sitake gets a handle on the DC coaching position BYU is will not be a good team.

IMO Romney is the guy with the best feel for the game even though he doesn’t have the quickest feet or the strongest arm. He appears to read defenses pre snap much better than Wilson and he is more conservative when he needs to be. Hall is a great athlete but I wouldn’t bet the farm on his ability to last more than 2 games without a concussion. It is too bad.

While Romney did well in the BSU game, Wilson had the toughest teams to play early on. He also battled injuries. He’s the one with the best game skills and biggest upside.
Coaches always say everyone has to compete and win their jobs each year. Wilson will go into fall practice healthy and win the starting job. We have 3 great potential QBs. We have great potential RBs and WRs.
Defense has always been strong but loses focus in big games and plays nit to lose in the end. That needs to change.
The key to this year is out score the opponents and s ore 42 points a game against weaker opponents and 35 against stronger opponents.

The problem I had with Wilson is that he threw interceptions under coverage, trying to make something more than what was given.

If you compare Romney games (South Florida, BSU) against Wilson equal games (Toledo, SDSU, Hawaii). You can see the difference in game time decision. Romney played what the defense gave him, Wilson tried to force to many throws, which usually ended up as Interceptions.

The game management is far better with Romney than Wilson.

then Wilson (until Wilson can grow up and learn how to handle pressure)

One of these guys will be transferring in the next 12 months, they are all just too good to sit.

I think Hall will go strictly baseball, is my guess.

I agree with Floyd and Chris that Wilson needs to figure it out how to play better. I like what Romney did against Ithat Boise State game and he should have played the next game as a starter. Wilson did beat Tennessee and USC but did poorly against Toledo San Diego State and Hawaii. I think Romney had toe injury and couldn’t played against San Diego State but should’ve played against Hawaii. I like Jaron Hall to but he has to worry about concussion and maybe he’s just stayed and play baseball only.

We were beating Toledo and lost after Wilson was injured. The other games Wilson’s thumb injury obviously caused passes to go array. Wilson has more upside. He will be fine.

If he gets another concussion I agree.