Sring Practice Starts in 2 Weeks. Who should be our starting QB?

Zach Wilson, Jaren Hall, and Baylor Romney
(3 Top QB’S.)

Zach Wilson, Jr., 6-3, 203 — Completed 62.4% of passes for
2,382 yards, 11 touchdowns, 9 interceptions in nine games.

Baylor Romney, So., 6-2, 193 — Completed 63.5% of passes for
747 yards, seven touchdowns, two interceptions while starting in two games in 2019

• Jaren Hall, So., 6-1, 205 — Completed 67.4% of passes for 420 yards, 1 touchdown, no interceptions while starting in two games in 2019
So many ways to look at this picture.

11 touchdowns in 9 games = 1.22 per game.
9 interception in 9 games = 1 per game.
2,382 yards in 9 games = 264. 2/3 yards per game.
7 touchdowns in 2 games = 3.5 per game
2 interceptions in 2 games = 1 per game
747 yards in 2 games = 373.5 per game
1 touch down in two games = 1/2 TD per game.
No interceptions per game = no interceptions per game.
420 yards per game = 210 per game.

My conclusion:
Romney has the most T.D.S per game
3.5 Romney
1.22 Wilson
0.5 Hall

Hall is the best of throwing without interceptions.

0.0 Hall
1.0 Romney
1.0 Wilson

Romney has the most yards per game
373.5 Romney
264 3/4 Wilson
210 Hall

Romney gets the most yardage per game and scores the most points per game, and ties Wilson for most interceptions per game while Hall has no interceptions.

Hall ls the most consistent having no interceptions.

Wilson has the most experience.

With Spring Practice starting in two weeks, I would keep my eye on Romney as our possible new starter. Mostly because of the yardage scoring per game, I would have Wilson as bck up, leaving Hall in third place. (Yes I like Hall too)

Leadership must also be considered. All three seem to have good leadership.

Also, what was the level of difficulty of each team the 3 of these guys played? Did Romney play the easiest teams or difficult teams? Did Hall play the easy teams or the difficult teams? What about Wilson? It is not easy choosing among the three of these guys. Each seems to have good talent that we don’t want to lose

Too bad we lost our RB coach to Arizona. He left to go to a team with a lot more success and respect being in a P5 conference, Pac12. Add to that advantage to Arizona, that school pays much more for their coaches than we do. We have to wish our departing RB coach good success on his new job

Welcome to Harvey Unga to take his place.

Zack Wilson starts. And that’s all about that…

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