St. Mary’s loses to Pacific

St. Mary’s lost their league game to one of the so-called bottom feeders. And Gonzaga beat Pepperdine by only 75-70. BYU struggled for much of the game before opening up a wide beating. League play is always different than pre-season.

Did BYU lost to Pacific last year at their place? We will play them only once this season and it is at Pacific.
Yes it was real struggle in most of the game against LMU. And yes, we don’t want to start that way at SM"C" this Thursday night.
Zag started out slow last week against Portland too. Hope Zags will have a bad game against us BYU basketball team in two weeks (1/18/2020 @ Zags).

SMC fouled out 3 of their starters, including Fitts, Fitts has to play well for SMC to win games (their version of Childs) Fitts got into foul trouble early and ended up with 7 total points. Ford played the entire game, never got a rest in a 4 O/T game gassed out in the end. Pacific had 54 Rebs to SMC’s 38.

Watched some of the Gonzaga game. Zags went 5-18 from 3 and Pepperdine clogged the middle. Kispert had a rough night. and this was at Home!

BYU dogged Scott, wore him out. We ran away with it.

What this all says about League play………BYU does not depend on just one or two guys. SMC proved that they are in big trouble when one of their best players has a bad night, Gonzaga to a small extent also.

The Potland, the UCLA, and the Va. Tech games proved that BYU can win without Childs. With his nine games suspension and who knows how many games will Childs miss for his fingers, he will at best be a less than half season player for BYU in regular season this year.He has to show us how valuable he is in the remaining games that he will play in the regular season. And how much will he contribute to the team in post season? We shall see what we shall see. To me Haws is our most valuable players, he has already proved it.

I agree. I wish he would have played a more team game against SMC. When he doesn’t the other players do the same thing as proven by the lowest assist game of the season. Even with that, we should have won.

Certainly true, The team wins when TJ is on his game but I would say our MVPs are a collection of guys that have different talents. For me, we would not be winning without:
1- Pope’s hiring and changing the culture. Defense 1st, trust the teammates and no favorites
2-TJ at point
3-Child’s coming back, He will be the MVP if BYU takes out Gonzaga twice
4-Barcello’s Defense
5-Toolson’s consistency
6-Lee and Nixon’s inside play. where would we be without them?