Stanford—Perfect Ending

Isn’t it appropriate to end a completely mediocre season against a really terrible team, with our offense playing well and our defense once again allowing the opposing QB to have his best game of the season?

Even with our OL and backs just obliterating Stanford’s mostly backups on D, it took a missed extra point for us to finally put Stanford away.

Oh yeah, and remember mighty Liberty? That team that DESTROYED BYU? They lost by 35 today to 25 point underdog NMSU. It’s dangerous to play the A beat B and B beat C game, but New Mexico State beat a team by 35 that just took BYU apart and curbstomped us.

I love Sitake as a person—I really do. I even think he could be a true legacy coach at BYU for 20 years. But so far his legacy is playing down to inferior teams, and all too often getting beaten by them, and almost without exception it’s due to horrid defense, his supposed specialty.

Just a merciful ending to a season of football that was really, REALLY hard to watch (except for parents of our opposing QBs).

The two things that jumped out to me from the Stanford win?

BYU has got to enter the transfer portal to find next year’s QB

Let the search for a DC begin. Tom throws out the name of Stanford’s DC
"It’s Being reported that David Shaw resigned as HC at Stanford. Unless they promote DC Lance Anderson to HC, he will likely be looking for a job when the new HC brings in his own guys.

Anderson is active LDS, is a HIGHLY respected and successful coach at Stanford, and has been DC for nearly 10 years. Anderson has put together great defenses with SEVERE recruiting limitations. He is also widely regarded as a top notch recruiter. Stanford only got one guy from the portal this year (I think Oregon and SC each got 20-some) because Stanford admissions won’t let transfers in. Good time for a coach there to bail.

Tom Holmoe has somewhere between an extra $25m-$50 to spend each year. Anderson may be available. Just sayin’"

Sitake, we are all waiting!

A couple of other Points,

1 Where was Ropati all year. Seriously, We tried to get 3rd downs with Katoa, who goes down with the slightest touch and Ropati is chillin on the sidelines? WTH???

2 Nacua is gone, ultimate teammate, the one guy that kept players believing during the month of Oct from Hell. 1st rounder, guaranteed

3 BYU needs a QB next year. Tanner McKee from Stanford could be that guy.

4 Was Rex hurt all year or did we SCREW UP big time by not getting the ball to this incredible player.

Your points beg this question: Should Aaron Roderick be retained as offensive coordinator?

Of course he will be (he and Kalani are buddies), but should he be?

Paul Peterson is my choice for a new hire.

How many times during the year were we 3rd or 4th and 6” and ran stupid plays? Last night was another head scratcher. And Hall gets injured as well. What happens if Hall decides now not to play in the bowl game? Can Conover pass the ball at all? Is his shoulder hurt too?

According to Dave McCain, he said that Rex was still recovering from his injury last year. It was not until the Bye week that he finally got to the point of being totally healthy.

WHY? because Conover was doing what he was told to do? Conover is a 4 star recruit that could have gone to a lot of other schools. What we need is a better OC that does not take all year to figure out what his talent is (again, according to McCain last night post game).

Why in the hell did Roderick not use Hemuli and Brooks to get the two 4th and 1 plays? instead, he uses Hall… Dumb decision.

Ropati was hurt at the beginning of the year, then we had the OC deciding that Brooks and Davis was the running back.

Just remember, Lavell Edwards retain his assistant coaches like Ken Schmidt who was a horrible. DC (The fact that Fred Whittingham wanted to come back at the time and Lavell did not want to upset peoples feelings by bringing Fred back).

A WHOLE LOT of head-scratcher decisions and plays all year long. I kept thinking last night (with Hall running so much) that someone wants Hall to get hurt and it happened when he did not get the first down on the first attempt. That play is emblematic of all the WTH moves all season long. I have been down on Sitake ever since he fired Ty Detmer. I think he and Holmoe show a serious character flaw with that rotten move. For my mind, neither of the coordinators should be retained.

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Did you see the pass Conover made? Not someone ready. But, the play calls have been strange at many times. I agree that both assistants need to be replaced.

He hasn’t played all year and you expect him to throw a perfect pass to a guy he hasn’t practice with?

I think once he gets the reps, he will show you why he was a highly recruited player

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Okay…will do🤪

You raise some good points, Why in some of these games that were out of sight, either from BYU being down 3 TDs or up 3 TDs wouldn’t you give Conover play time?

I have heard enough on the street that BYU is actively looking for a starting QB. Wouldn’t that suggest that none of our bench QBs have impressed Coaches enough to warrant giving said QB the starting job? Just Sayin

I bet there are not more than 20 or so programs not actively looking at QBs in the portal every year. Why not? BYU would be crazy to NOT be looking hard at a QB in the portal. Seems to be working out pretty nicely for USC (:slight_smile: ). Your choice is often between an unproven backup in your program, or a proven starter somewhere else. It is the New Wild West out there, where the portal and chaos rule.

Thanks for explaining why you made the comment. Some of those things I did not know.

Unless the mission totally screwed up Conover, he was highly recruited and a very good QB.

who knows? I have never been impressed with ARod since he was the OC at Utah.


With your contacts, do you have any idea why Conover was not used more or what his current standing is?

I’m thinking Burton from, where is it (Springville) would be a great recruit :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

We led S Florida 45-21 after 3. Conover should have played the entire 4th.
We led Dixie 45-20 at the 10 minute mark of the 4th quarter. Conover should have played the rest.
Oregon led BYU 38-7 after 3. Conover should have played the entire 4th.
Liberty led BYU 41-14 the first time we got the ball in the 4th. Conover should have played the rest.

Those are 4 absolute blowouts where Conover should have played significant minutes and run BYU’s full offense.

  1. Either Conover is so terrible that ARod can’t stand the sight of him,
  2. or he is so good in practice that Arod doesn’t think he needs any real game experience,
  3. or all along it was all about racking up stats for Jaren Hall to boost his draft status (which benefits BYU and makes it easier to recruit other QBs).

Has to be #3. I think. Maybe. Doesn’t it??? Otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense.

It may all be academic, as I think Hall enters the draft and BYU loses at least one QB to the portal and gains at least one QB from the portal, so the QB room could look very different next year than it does now anyway.

I’m not happy with a lot of his play calling. I am impressed of the talent our offense has been able to get and keep lately. If he’s willing to learn and get better play calling, then he can stay. But, that is where he lacks and that is important as well.

Conover threw that ball into the ground on purpose so no criticism warranted on that play.
The guys tell me Conover throws a good ball. Not sure how mobile he is because he’s never played, but mobile QBs own the day in today’s college game…

I made a different post about why he hasn’t played…has to be just to bump up Hall’s stats because nothing else is logical. And if that’s Arod’s reason, I understand, because HS players want to see the guy playing their position putting up big numbers.

I’ll go with Door #3.

Here’s the crazy thing to me. All these guys have at least 2 years in the system. It is infinitely easier to play with a team where you know everyone’s tendencies. I am FLABERGASTED that Conover was not played purely from the viewpoint that Hall could get injured at any point.

This is football 101 here gentlemen.

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