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It almost makes you want to sing. 88 to 82. Why doesn’t BYU have authorization to replay these games later in the evening?

Now I can’t get that song out of my head! By the way, if you have Roku, you can replay the games using the ESPN app. Nice game all around. If I were to pick an MVP, I’d have to go with Zach Seljaas. What an efficient shooting night. He was 5-6 from the 3 pt line and 4-4 from the free throw line. Davis had a pretty good line too which amazes me because it seemed he left way too many points on the floor. I suppose his three turn overs and two missed shots seemed more for some reason. Another stat that surprised me was that our guards got more rebounds than our bigs. That said, the bigs did a pretty good job of protecting the rim tonight. Kaufusi had three blocks. Anyway, congratulations to this team. They showed they are a good team and they are representing the league well.

Yes, Seljass was the MVP of the game. However, KC settled the team down in the first half with his presence and really sick. Same in the second half too.
Great game. Refs were good enough. Some bad calls but both ways.

Watch ESPN has games available for rewatching for several weeks. You can see both the last two games BYU Gonzaga played for instance…