Starting a 2024 tread, BYU Basketball

Just because I can

help me out with any new guys, RMs, etc.

Knell, I know…been around longer than Johnson.
Adams Jr.

RM, Collin Chandler, normally a new guy does not get minutes but this kid is much needed to back up or even play with Hall.

Starting 5
Knell / Saunders
Adams Jr.
Foos or Khalifa

Saunders is certainly a starter but he would be a good Robinson type 6th man
Stewart is solid to back Hall and Chandler

way down the road, Brooks Bahr, 2026
#13 Brooks Bahr 22-23 Highlights - Brooks Bahr highlights - Hudl

oh my

Oh my

4-Star 2024 Forward Isaac Davis Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

Coming in hot
check out this signee’s game.

If Chandler can make layups, he may be good enough to take Hall’s place. Tired of seeing other teams make tough contested layups and floaters while we clank the rim or miss it completely.

Robinson and Waterman have a case for one more year of eligibility. I think Robinson has a COVID year left and waterman had a medical redshirt year. I thought I read that in vanquish the foe somewhere. I don’t know if they’ll take it or not.

Both would benefit greatly. Especially Robinson. Give him time to bulk up some and work on his driving to the basket.

I don’t care if it is Preston, Idaho and he’s going against a bunch of Napoleon Dynamite’s, that last dunk on the alley oop was a thing of beauty. Pretty skilled with both hands, hopefully has or will develop a mid range shot and 3 pointer, he looks good.

I will never see a four star idaho player again without thinking of Kolby Lee…which means I discount the four stars somewhat just because…Idaho.

If Kolby had stayed an extra year…the team would have been better…He was solid to better than average…

Isaac Davis like Lee a big man with the lesser competition for playing time at guard heavy BYU could make a difference.

But Waterman, Khalifa, Foos, whose minutes does he take given they are all three coming back.
Though at this point obviously none of the three are NBA material…so any of them could be off to Europe and make a solid career for themselves. Euro bball being more lucrative than African bball.

I expect Pope to be mining transfer portal again for a big or two…
Just checking Evan Miya looking at BYU bigs…surprisingly effective most shocking of all is Atiki…if he wasn’t a foul a minute player he would be a massive lift…long term project that has not filled his potential on the court for whatever reason.

The most amazing part of this season for me is that so many players can still come back next year.
Johnson is the only one with a legit shot for NBA or G-League…so next year is likely to be even better.

now you’re talkin right. Pope has got the recruitin thing headed in the right direction

hahaahahahaaahaahahahahaa. He was much better than Worthlesston…I liked Colby Lee…head down bull dog 3 footer


This dog will HUNT.

Waterman-gone (I wish to retract all the evil things I said about him, he has more then proved he belongs)
Davis takes zero minutes from our centers. As a great passer, he can play the 2-4.

Never say never…Atiki has his moments, wait, did I just say that? Hmmmm, let me think on that for another year

I may have indirectly lined up a few try outs for Johnson. He will be playing Pro ball.

I did too…just not at a 4 star quality talent.

This is a joke, right?

If Johnson plays one minute in the NBA I will buy you a steak dinner.

I’ll cover the tip

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Outlook: Provides “microwave” instant offense coming off the bench for BYU … The 21 year old out of Oklahoma is shaping up to be the 2024 NBA Draft’s top senior prospect … Projected as a possible mid-first round pick, Jaxson Robinson -

since mid-December though and so his perceived stock has cooled off some. Still though, there’s always a potential market for that archetype. In addition to his shooting, Robinson has good positional size and long arms, with a reported 7-foot-1 wingspan. New names on the NBA Draft radar (

I expect him to declare for the draft, then be back when they tell him his future in the league and what he needs to work on…per Pope more than once, he thinks Jaxson will be playing a 1/2 there…so he needs to work on his ball handling, which has been evident this last month…
Some of this last month for Jax has been coming back from injury, compounded by playing significant minutes against real D1 talent for the first time in his four years of D1 ball…It will be interesting to see how he continues to improve over the next month.

Depending on the day and my mood, I expect him back next year…or not…

Waterman and Robinson could both be back next year…I would take either of them on the over Stewart on scholarship if I were Pope…Jax as the third point in a pinch or possibly a second at the beginning of the season as Chandler eases into bball shape post mission.

who said NBA? i said Pro Ball
I like my steak M-Rare with a little rosemary butter and garlic

Jax is not NBA ready, he needs to fill out up top, gets banged around inside too much.

Would be in his best interest but then, he could head to a pro club and work on it while getting $$. Would be best coming back to BYU with Chandler and Hall as ball handlers, Robinson would be all Big 12 .

Waterman, Robinson, Khalifa and Johnson should all be playing professionally somewhere

Waterman…no idea of his personal plans…if he wants to play professionally I don’t see how he improves much on this year…unless he does what I expect Robinson to do and declare for the draft and hear what the NBA teams say…
Khalifa—probably goes unless he thinks that his surgery will make a big difference to his future…though if I were a pro team I would wait to see how he does after his surgery…in which case why not stay and have BYU athlete care help him through his recovery.
Johnson has said multiple times what his future post BYU is …so the only question is the timing, and how it fits in with his family plan.
Robinson–given where he was at pre-injury…I would say entirely dependent on his NBA feedback

You knew I was referring to Spencer Johnson, right? I don’t think Robinson is NBA ready, he need to get stronger.

What is his “plan”? He might make it a year or two overseas but I just don’t see it beyond that and I am being kind. He has some skills but makes a lot of silly mental errors. It drives me nuts because I think he can improve on that and he just doesn’t. His FG percentage and 3 point percentage are the lowest of all the players that play the most minutes. He also takes way too much time at the free throw line and that causes a lot of critical misses at key times in the game. He just seems like he has a lot to improve on before he plays professionaly

he oldest player to suit up in a college basketball game this season has been married for almost three years.

He has a baby boy on the way.

He has his commercial and private real estate license.