State of The Union

Tonight is the President’s State of the Union speech. Does anyone think CNN or any major network will cover it? Will they allow the truth on how the economy is much better off with Trump as President? The America is better off with Trump as President than the lawbreaker and murderer Hillary Clinton?

It is listed on their schedule, so I would say yes… they are going to broadcast it.

Now, the other questions you asked is “No”, they are not going to tout anything about Trump. it is not in the best interest to do that… Check out who pays the bills for CNN and you see why they won’t.

To be honest, I like some of the things Trump has done and some things he has done I do not like, but I never ever like Trump for who he is as a person. To say he is best for America, I will reserve my comments until his time is up and see what America is at that point. No one is all bad and no one is all good…

I look at the current political environment and wonder whatever happened to “Statesmen” that use to be in congress? Tip O’Neil was pretty liberal, Reagan was pretty conservative… but both were Statesman and worked together to get great things done.

Take for example Business Regulations, if you have too may regulations then businesses can not compete and prosper, but if you have no regulations, then they tend to abuse their employees (look at the sweat shops and child labor of the early 1900’s as examples). you must a balance between the two extremes, in order to be best for America.

Now a days, it always the “All or Nothing” Mentality…