Stats tell the real and rest of the story

Looking at the box score, the only domination by TA was 3 point shooting. We shot 22% 6-27 while they shot 60% 12-20. As I wrote in another post and to Jim, 5 or 6 of the wide open 3’s go in and we would not have lost contact with them. So, I’m not worried at this point.

I would like to see Dastrup get the start even though Luke did what I say he needs to do. Dastrup gives us more options.

For those trashing Emery, he was needed tonight. There were times where we got too blah and I think that affects our shooting.

This is the only part of your post that makes any sense. The rest of it is nonsense. BYU was down by 20+ for most of the game. The officials allowed them to save face by making calls at the end that evened the crappy officiating out. The refs didn’t lose the game for BYU, for sure it was on the Cougars.

Once again, you are playing the role of Captain Obvious. What you said could be said about any game, even when a team loses by 50, that if they had made more shots or played better defense they could have won the game… really? ya think? :rofl:

Nope…The stats don’t lie. Our strength with be 3 point shooting. When it is 22% then it allows teams to get 20 points ahead. Assists, rebounding including offensive rebounds was all pretty equal. My logic is undeniable:-)

insouciant is the word that came to mind reading your response. Undeniable logic does not address the fact that it was obvious…so obvious as to …be indifferent showing lack of . . .

It wasn’t like we were struggling to get open 3s to shoot. 27 of them and we could only hit 6 in our own gym? Sounds like we lost that game by poor shooting.

that was well said