Stats Tell The Story

“The Rebels shot 60 percent in the second half and dominated BYU in several important categories: 25-0 in points off turnovers, 42-12 in the paint, 16-4 on second-chance points and 16-6 on offensive rebounds” - Darnell Dickson, Daily Herald

25-0 points off turnovers - what does that tell us about how we played on both ends of the court. The vast majority of their points came during the second half as BYU lazily threw away pass after pass running their weave 30’ away from the hoop.

42-12 in the paint against a team that stretched it’s defense out almost to half court for an entire half - what did BYU do to take advantage of that stretch by going to the rim - NOTHING!

I like Rose and he generally is on top of things but he was awol last night during the second half. It appears to me that he felt everything worked so well in the first half that he was confident it would work again in the second, completely underestimating changes that where sure to be made by the opposing coach and hence not preparing his team at halftime to quickly adjust to those changes. I know he doesn’t play on the floor and the guys stunk it up, but he is at fault as much as the players for this one.

After the third or fourth penetration into an alley oop dunk by Miss. I thought Rose would do something to adjust to it but they never did.

I was also dismayed when BYU settled into the halfcourt offense after a Miss. turnover instead of running quickly up the court and scoring off it.

So your comments and the stats that back it up are legitimate.

I would think a seasoned coach and team, at the end of the season, would have the insight to make some adjustments in game, despite being up by 17 at halftime.

The deer in the headlights was a herd, called BYU, in the second half.

The 10 turnovers in the second half did us in. 20 points just from that. We averaged 12 turnovers a game. Just knock of 3 of them and they don’t get the fast break scores and we win. The disappointing thing was how the team handled the up-tempo pressure in the second half. Almost deer in the headlights. The unforced turnovers like simply losing the dribble or FB4 falling down and losing the ball because he thought he was going to get contact really is hard to swallow after what we did against Gonzaga in the second half. The point scoring has been that way all year long and we managed 25 wins and the big one against Gonzaga on their court. That isn’t why we lost. That was expected. Although, in the second half, the defense really went to sleep too.

Rose did a great job this year with an average team at best. At half-time Rose said they would up the pressure and that we needed to be ready for it. But, the players didn’t respond like we did at Gonzaga. Can’t fault Rose. He did everything he could during the game. You have to give some credit to Ole Miss for their play as well. 62 points in one half? Even against really weak teams they played they didn’t do that.

Gonzaga’s bigs were good. But, Ole Miss were better. They had hops!!! Big time! Quickness Gonzaga doesn’t have. Their point guard was really good as they said he was and simply had a great second half. There aren’t adjustments our team could make on alley oops. They were hitting shots from everywhere in the second half. They simply played above their abilities. Give them some credit.

Where we lost the game was with the unforced turnovers in the second half. Halford doing his mysterious lose control of the ball while standing deciding where to pass or off the dribble. FB4 falling down tripped by a mouse or something. KC not looking at the defense and passing it cross-court. Just some really bad turnovers that turned into 20 points in the second half.

Our rebounding weakness really stood out last night. Standing around and not blocking out in the second half was bad and the players when they watch it will agree. 90 points, Haws with 33 shooting 56.5%, who would think we should have lost? 51% from 3’s. Although, we bricked some free throws that could have changed the outcome too.