Steve Sarkisian Next BYU Offensive Coordinator

I think getting Steve Sarkisian to install a pro-set offense at BYU… would be unbelievable. BYU needs an offensive leader with great experience. I know he has recently had personal challenges that he may still need to overcome. However, coming back to BYU maybe a way for him to rebuild his career and at the same time rebuild BYU’s offense. He is a proven head coach at Washington and USC. He would help in a major way with recruiting on the west coast. I also believe the BYU student body would be very supportive of him in so many ways. The more I think about this hire, the stronger I feel that it would be a huge benefit for both Steve and BYU.

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Add Ty Detmer as the QB coach… and it would be perfect combination with Sark…

Sorry, no Sarkisian. Its Detmer.

Here we go, Cougar nation

Sark? Oh my…please NO! “Personal challenges he may still need to overcome”? More like a wake of wanton destruction and demonstration of every one of the worst character flaws imaginable. The guy is totally unreliable–the stuff he’s done is like a laundry list of the worst character flaws in egocentric athletes. He cheats on his wife (at two different schools) with coeds, leaves a wake of destruction and conflict behind him wherever he goes. Gets fired for repeatedly showing up drunk at work and then sues his company for firing him. I don’t think the BYU football coaching staff should be a rehab facility or a place for reclamation projects. First and foremost we need high character guys on the staff from top to bottom. I for one can’t think of a worse potential OC.

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Fish, I was in the process of sharing my humble opinion of Sarkisian right when you were posting your message! Thank you for the early Xmas present!! The NFL thought Ty Detmer was astute enough to mentor Brett Favre and Mike Vick, and I heard Joe Paterno suggest he thought Ty Detmer had the highest football IQ of any college player he had ever seen. Ty has a great combination of sincerity and humility off the field combined with passion and intense drive on the field. He would bring a degree of gravitas and respect to the OC office that we had with Norm Chow but have not had since.
I would like to meet you one of these days on my trips to Provo. Please email me offline at [email protected].

Sark, at the very least, need 2 years of consecutive sobriety (ALL substances) and some heavy duty psychotherapy before he ever coaches again, anywhere. I seriously doubt he could fit in at BYU as a COACH.