Still have 2 schollies to fill

Is no one even a little concerned that we don’t hear a peep about who BYU is targeting???

Who can we get? They have to be graduate students at this point.

Pope saved the program when he took over for Rose. The lack of an NCAA tourney in 2020 simply killed Popes momentum. He had a sweet 16 team and all the PR that would come with it. But from there on out he has struggled with recruiting and relying on the portal a bit too much. I don’t want to give up but I think his chain might be shorter than many realize if he doesn’t produce in the next 2-3 years.

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Madsen might have been the better choice! But Santiago and Holmoe were smitten with Pope. Santiago is a nice guy but adds zero value to the program and he is a political expert and world traveler with BYU sports. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to find a quality replacement for him.

you bring up a great point, Pope could of brought in some serious talent with a deep run but Covid killed any hope. What could of happened these past 2 years had Pope played in the dance with that team lead by the Ginger Mamba…fast forward to this season, I thought BYU would be much better this year than prognosticators give credit but that was before Quez left us high and dry at the worst possible time. I would argue that Point Guards are to basketball as QBs are to football and BYU is going to pay dearly not having a true veteran to run this team going into Big 12 play.
Pope is snakebit

I was saddened that he took the job at Stanford or was it Cal. I was hoping he would still be at UVU for the next two years. I was not impressed with Mark Pope and thought Mark Madsen would be better choice in the future. Madsen might be available to take the job at BYU.

It sounds more like Quez wasn’t fitting in. If not, it’s better he’s gone. From what I hear from Europe is the 3 handling the point are doing fine. Let Hall run the point now and get the experience. Stewart and Jaxson are doing well too. I’d rather have more size at the point anyways. Someone who can shoot over a defending guard.
I’m more concerned about the two bigs that are limping around and not playing. More injuries to bigs again. But, it sounds like we are holding our own with pro Europe teams.
3-1 trip to Europe was very good. They ran out of gas the one game against a very good pro team. Turnovers still an issue.

Love it

all in the same paragraph

He’s a schmoozer and smiling PR guy. I don’t know him personally but every time I’ve seen him that’s the vibe I get.

I know Brian personally, More to him then what people say. Isn’t he the heir apparent?

Santiago family has a good political footing at BYU because of their father who has a lot of clout. The boys played various sports at the Y but none were truly D-1 caliber athletes. The bb players weren’t good enough to have been on the team but they were from the right bloodline. They were a bigger version of the Covey clan with more boys in the family and a bit more athletic talent. Brian has ridden the political horse to his present position and he was really the one who should have been called out for the whole lack of institutional control issue with the Nic Emory situation. Santiago was talked to behind the scenes but BYU felt that they got the shaft from the NCAA so they didn’t make a single realignment in jobs within the AD’s realm. They should have had a monitor of all personal IG and fbook accounts and really any social media accounts with each athlete. The NCAA mandates that the school know each account from each athlete. Santiago is frankly a big picture guy and not into hard work on the details. He was the one who should have been able to head off trouble. He didn’t do his job. I hope he isn’t promoted because he isn’t deserving or detail oriented enough …. Nor does he have the clout to deal with other AD’s.

Santiago is a nice guy but he isn’t even an above average administrator. He enjoys his job and the access it gives him more than actually doing the job. Part of the life long administrative apparatus that contains almost no accountability at the Y. Thank heavens the new Pres - Reece is probably going to make a lot of organizational changes inside the school. First issue is aligning the dress code at all BYU schools. 50 years too late but better late than never. Streamlining the admission questions for honor code is also a good step. Holding students accountable who protest policies that that go hand in hand with church doctrine and not allowing students who don’t go to church back into school each year. Half of the social issues giving the school fits is because of lack of leadership within the BYU admin and trying to appease all social values. Worthen was super nice but not a leader of hard decisions. I hope more realistic changes are made. I think they will be. Shane is a common sense guy and he has been given a directive to clean up the place including professors and other administrators who are problems. This included the AD arena.


BYU basketball is getting a visit from Marcus Adams Jr. - Deseret News

Thought we needed a point?? This kid would really fill the basket. still need a general

THawk: thanks for the post of the year. Amen brother. Amen.

He committed…good if he follows through…hope it works out for him and Pope…potential to be a top notch performer for Pope…and Few…and Self…

Who loses minutes to this guy. Assume he is a small forward??

If he truly is The Truth, a legit One-and-Done, who cares who loses minutes? There are always minutes to go around for a guy that good. Now if he’s overrated and not that great? Or maybe not even eligible this year? If he really thinks he’s already an NBA caliber guy (as does every one and done), if he doesn’t get his waiver this year why would he even stay? If I’m him and I’m a one and done who can’t play this year, I go get paid in Europe this season. We are so thin at PG this year that I think we will see a 2 or a 3 bringing the ball up when Hall sits.

Let’s start with our Core:
Hall by default
Robinson or Baker

could start:

So, no, at this time, I don’t see Adam Jr. as a starter anytime soon.

I just don’t know enough about the players.

Vanquish the foe says he is a 3/4. Locked on cougars says he is a potential NBA talent. In high school he had some jimmer type games. If he gets his waiver and if he can learn the offense I think he gets his 20 to 25 minutes a game.