STM over Zags--Impressive W

STM shot 50% from the field, 87% from the line.
They always play under control.
They held Wiltjer to 6 pts and 4 turnovers.
Great D and team play.
Congrats STM.
Zags’ loss also helps us in our quest for 2nd place (haha).

I watched some of the first half and thought to myself, this is how Gonzaga wins all the time, even when they are average. The refs were giving them every call.

I predict that BYU will beat STM big when they play in Provo.

I watched it too. SMU couldn’t shoot a kick in the first half. Worse than we did. Had nothing to do with the refs.

Very weird stats for the game. SMC gets 20 total rebounds for the entire game
SMC allows 59% shooting by GU
either stat should be a killer but GU only got 4-6 free throw shooting to SMC’s 14-16…game over

Last week I looked at SMC’s national ranking of #7 on defense and said they are the best team in the WCC. I still think they are untested on the road and will lose a couple more. They will lose to BYU and GU and possibly to someone else. BYU has to win all of its home games and can have one more loss and still win the WCC. We will see after Saturday where we all stand.