Strange Jimmer play in Knicks game

I watched the Blazers-Knicks game last night. Jimmer played the last 3 minutes in a blowout loss. He took two shots and got fouled on both (4 of 5 from line). On the last shot, there was .8 seconds on the clock and he got the ball at midcourt. He took a couple dribbles including going around a still Blazer and then attempted a running 3. The clock never started!..which never got corrected by the officials. Leonard fouled him pretty hard, which was bush league and Leonard even apologized afterwards.

The Blazers announcers thought Jimmer was fine in trying to score even in the last second. If you are losing badly, you keep playing.

I guess Jimmer goes back to the D League Knicks now? Why bother having him in the Knicks organization if they have no plans of giving him a chance?

The nba is a joke.

We have no reason to be talking about it really.

The NBA is fantastic!!!

Really Scott? Are you enjoying Kobe farewell parade and their lousy season. Don’t you love the GS Warriors their winning season? Bay Area really hated the LA for many many years. But NBA really matters?

It’s great! Lakers weren’t going to win anything this year. So, it’s great to see people rewarded for hard work, effort and success.

Sorry Craig…

It is apparent that your post and this thread has been hijacked by nonsense once again. The nba is looking more and more like a Harlem Globetrotters game every night as it is all about the spectacle and the show. I just don’t watch it much and when I do, it is usually for a couple of minutes and then it is off.

I wish Jimmer would just end the madness and go across the ocean to greener pastures. The nba is just another example of what is wrong with this country right now.

Jimmer needs to go play in Europe and make plenty of $$.

End of the road.

Maybe he doesn’t want to move to another country. After all, Hillary says America is still great and just needs some holes filled :worried:

And, who knows if he’s making a decent income? He’s happy. Relax. The NBA is fantastic!

So, how is the NBA different than say 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 years ago? I mean really? Other than the number of raw talent on the court?

Jimmer is obviously not wanted. He has been stereotyped and won’t be given a chance. The guards on the NY Kniciks are about the worst in the league and Rambis still won’t given Jimmer a shot. Carmelo Anthony ridicules him. Jimmer tore up the D-League and I hear the Knicks are thinking of giving some other D-League guard a shot. Somebody Jimmer totally schooled in the D League from what I have heard.

The ugly truth is that Jimmer is white, a good clean cut guy, and religious. He doesn’t fit in. I think he would do well if given an opportunity. Some guys responding to the allegations that he isn’t athletic enough put that to rest pointing out that his speed was at least normal, his strength above normal, lift normal, per the NBA tests players are put through… In fact according to the info I read he graded higher than Lillard in most areas. Lillard got a fair shot and Jimmer hasn’t. Something is rotten in Denmark, or rather the NBA.

Why hasn’t Danny Ainge given him a shot? Seems like he would fit in Boston.

Raise your hands and show your tats and say black lives matter. Scummy people Scott, that is all there is to it. Name 5 classy people in the entire league. Can YOU? I’ll bet I have not watched a game for 10 years. There used to be people I could admire, not any more. It is all about scummy lives and bad examples.

The Jimmer got Jimmied by Carmelo and the NBA. In the NBA clean white guys get treated last.

Who did you admire? Besides Ainge or other 2nd stringer Mormons?