Suggestion for future scheduling

First have the plan. Next, see how close you could come to accomplishing your plan goal.

Below is just a flexible ever-changing plan for the future, that improves our record vs. P5 teams, while not being pulled back down with FCS teams.

Yes, I know the planning and availability obstacles. It’s something that we may or may not want to work towards in the future. Play the best teams at home for sell-out seasons.

#73 BYU Schedule vs.

Note: 7 P5 teams
3 Military
2 Respected G5 teams.
0 FCS teams

Fantastic Season

60 Boise St. MWC

----61 Arkansas SEC
----62 Vanderbilt SEC
----63 Ol Miss SEC
----65 ILL. Big 10
----67 NC ACC
----71 KS Big 12
----75 Rutgers Big 10
-----------77 Army IND
84 SMU American
-----------105 Navy American
-----------106 Air Force MWC