Super bowl is set, The GOAT vs the Superstar

Brady vs. Mahomes, the stuff of legends.
Lets hear why you think your team will win. To be honest, I wanted Green Bay vs. K City but I am absolutely lovin the idea of Brady wonking on his 7th(?) world title vs. the future and my man, Andy Reid.
Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady: A clash of eras in the Super Bowl — The Undefeated

Tampa has it’s highly rated defense vs. the Kansas City machine featuring speedy Gonzalez Tyreek Hill and Mtn Man Kelce.

On the other side we have the Brady machine with Hoolywood Gronk, rehab Evens and a defense that is soooooo good that Brady can throw 3 interceptions and still win.

Buckle up, predict the score and enjoy this one, the NFL got this matchup right.

There is no way in heck I am routing for Brady, I feel bad because Tampa Bay has never been in this position before, but I cannot stomach Brady.

I love Reid, who is a class act as a coach and a person. So KC it is… for the second time in a row.

What’s wrong with Brady? Seems like a great family man. I’m going for KC with Reid who Was in some of my classes at BYU and Sorensen. Not because I don’t like Brady. Sounds like the silly reason not to have voted for the meanie orange man.

You are not alone about Tom Brady and this time I want Kansas City chiefs to win especially for Andy Reid and Daniel Sorenson. Well last Super Bowl I did pick Kansas City because of those guys and I am a big 49ers fan

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So, I’ll ask you too. What’s wrong with Tom Brady. Seems like a good family man. Don’t like him because he wins a lot?

I’m having a hard time not taking this personally, Floyd…

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I’ve asked both of them what is it that they don’t like Brady? Has he offended them? Is he a big Orange meanie? I’m going for KC as well.

I like Brady. Always have and have rooted for him in many Super Bowls. But come on! ONE MILLION PERCENT for Andy Reid!!! If he wins back to backs he will be remembered as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history! Great ambassador for BYU—one of the best. Universally loved by the media, always says the right thing, humble as ever, and WOW CAN THAT DUDE PUT TOGETHER AN OFFENSE!!! Also, Sorensen is really easy to pull for. I will remember him as the best punt cover man I have ever seen on a college football field, and happy for his NFL success.

Then he will have done it all except coach the defense at BYU. :sunglasses:

What’s wrong with Brady? Seems like a great family man.

is that before or after knocked-up his girlfriend (Bridget Moynahan) then left her while she was still pregnant?

I love it when people think they know what other people are like when they do not know the person.

Bridget has nothing to do with it? Takes two to tango. We don’t know what was going on behind closed doors. Shouldn’t judge, right. I do know he’s been with current wife and has a great family now.

Bridget is doing just fine, thank you. And if I, or any of us, dislikes athletes due to their personal failings then we might as well forget college and professional athletics. We also should forget religious and non-religious friends, neighbors, work colleagues, and acquaintances.

Brady and Bridget had already broken up before they knew she was pregnant and who knows the details. This is a no-lose game for me. I love KC and I love the 43 year old GOAT. Both QB’s are well mannered and polite and represent their teams well. I’ll go with Tampa, playing in their own stadium, but really, no downside to either team winning.

I do not like Brady because he has been in the Super Bowl so much, I always route for the underdog if I can.

I like “Change up” on the super bowl… On a Personal level, I have nothing against Brady, I respect the fact that he not being a “highly” drafted player, he has sure accomplished a lot in his career. Proving to me that it does not matter where you are drafted, if you work hard, have the right environment, you can succeed.

From what I understand, that is not entirely true. But that is not for me to judge. I like both people (Bridget (blue blood) as an actress) and Brady for his accomplishment as a QB, I dislike Brady because he beat my beloved Packers this year!

Lol I have a friend that I grew up with since I was in elementary school that is a life long Packer fan. I’m sure he was aggravated by the game but I didn’t give him too bad of a time. I’m mostly glad for Brady this year because I think Belichek thought he was done and really wanted to move on and now the Bucs are in the SB and the Patriots are eating popcorn. I believe Mahomes is the prototype QB for the future and it didn’t take Reid long to figure he was the future for the Chiefs and not Alex Smith. Like I said, for me it’s a no-lose game and if The Bucs win, I hope Tom hangs it up, but he might stay another year to collect another 25 million-sheesh and his wife is the primary bread winner-go figure

I can go with that! Just like I can’t stand Utard :slight_smile:

I wanted Green Bay to win but the D let em down. I hope KC wins for the BYU fellas. But whoever wins, it really won’t mean a lot to me. I am pretty much done with pro sports and also college sports except BYU.

the truth shall set you free.
I also wanted Williams and the Packers in but you have to agree that Having the Goat vs.The Future is about as good a story you could ever come up with this year.

I was talking to my cousin on Saturday about the game, my one concern this year is Packers defense. They never really did anything in the off season to sure up the defense and it showed on Sunday.