T-Hill to Michigan?

What are the chances Taysom transfers to Michigan? Harbaugh got him to Stanford out of high school, and apparently they are very close. There was a fan post on a Michigan site mentioning Harbaugh has reached out, or vice versa. Taysom has graduated so he wouldn’t have to sit out. Imagine what TH could do tutored by JH. A Michigan offense that is built around Taysom… Could be scary.

BYU with a good O line, good receivers, a good offensive scheme and Taysom and a great defense could be scary.

Good O-line? Good scheme? Good defense? Not words that describe BYU. I’m not saying there is any truth to the rumor, but he would have all those things and more at Mich. If you’re Taysom, which scenario gets him to the Heisman? Anae or Harbaugh? If I’m Taysom, it seems like a no brainer. He may still be loyal to Harbaugh, but hopefully more loyalty to BYU. Imagine traveling to Ann Arbor and BYU defense has to contain a healthy, strong, well coached, and agile former teammate.


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LOL where do you guys come up with this stuff:)

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Like I said, it was just an unfounded rumor on a MICH fan board, but from it I gathered that TH and Harbaugh have had at least some communication. Does anybody know the NCAA rules about coaches talking with players from other schools? Or players connecting them? Does it change if the player has already graduated? Who and how can open up that dialog?

I was wondering about the same things Chris.

That would effectively destroy the program for the next few years. I know that Hill has focused this semester on school, but when is his graduation date? I thought he was on track for next December, not this year. Just my recollection.

Taysom Hill is on track to graduate in December, so the only way Taysom Hill could transfer is if he sits out a year per NCAA transfer rules, but since he doesn’t have any eligibility left he can’t. Not gonna happen.

I thought if he graduates in 2014, then those transfer exceptions apply and he could transfer and play. Guess not, unless someone knows otherwise. Here’s more fuel for this fake rumor: Mich has no returning QB with game experience. Also, Jim Harbaugh’s number in college…#4.

I also believe the moon landing is fake and Elvis is alive. So…

Michigan was horrible. They aren’t going to be that much better by next year. Taysom knows he will play at BYU. Harbaugh is looking to rebuild so any good freshman or sophomore would start in front of Hill. Stupid rumors…

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LOL!!! NO kidding! Not easy to use and know if anyone bothered reading your post either.

Not sure… Haubaugh is a pretty good coach… he turned Stanford around…

may do the same thing for Michigan.