Takeaways from USF Game

  1. I am happy we won. It was fun to watch two teams who don’t care about playing D–hey, it’s the NBA All Star Game!! Yippee!
  2. Emery was as good as he was bad the last two games, but come on, we all know he will be one of the all time BYU greats by the time he is done. It is his ability to create his own shots off the dribble and finish at the rim that separates him from many other good 3 pt shooting guards in BYU history.
  3. Dirkson is fun to watch. And, speaking of fun, Dirkson had the time of his life out there when he realized it was Seljaas and Fischer pretending to guard him. Wow.
  4. USF was 26-51 on 2 pt shots. I bet 20 of them were layins. Our D is so abysmal.
  5. KC had 5 turnovers. 3 were of the "uh oh, I’m 12 feet from the hoop but can’t/won’t shoot, so I’ll just jump in the air and throw it away. I’d much rather see him pulling up and at least trying to shoot from 12-14 feet than just throwing the ball away.
  6. Watson scored 20 in the first half with KC guarding him. He scored 9 in the second half with Chatman getting a lot of minutes on him. Jus’ sayin’.
  7. Harvard is now 1-5 in the mighty Ivy League.
  8. Long Beach State has won 4 in a row to get over .500, winning squeakers over Cal St Northridge and Cal Poly.
  9. I won’t mention how bad Pacific is. “Bad Losses” don’t even describe our clunkers this year.
  10. These are all “no pressure” games because exactly ZERO of them matter at all until the WCC tourney. Even if we lose a few more, NIT takes BYU for sure because we are one of the few NIT teams who will put 14-15k butts in seats for the first two rounds of home games.
    Bonus: I’d like to see Rose play Kaufusi, Chatman, and Hartsock a lot more down the stretch, because we are (already) playing for next year. Chatman and Kaufusi were GREAT tonight.

Actually, SF’s defense is exactly what I said they would do. Get in passing lanes and force us out as far as possible. We were just too hot for it to matter. And we were patient too.
Davis gets sloppy with his shots. Too much flipping up a shot. And his defense was not there tonight.
It was pretty evident that KC has a hard time against really quick guards. You are right about Chatman. He should play more and Fischer a bit less for defense. And if he can score like tonight then that is even better.
If Emery could be more consistent. He has a great shot when he gets his feet and legs under him.
I disagree with the idea not to play for the big dance. That’s just wrong thinking and you know it.

I would like to add a few takeaways as well.

Seljaas is a pretty good passer.

I was very happy to see Kaufusi get the start. He still gets his dunks blocked down low because of a bad habit of bringing the ball down on the way to the hoop.

You knew that it was going to be a special night when Chatman hit 3 3s in a row. I think that is more then his entire season of made 3s.

Congrates to Emery who broke Ainge’s record (I was at the game when Ainge set the record).

Lastly, I watched Pepperdine put it to SMC tonight @ SMC. BYU is officially playing for seeding and Gonzaga can do BYU a favor by beating SMC, giving them 4 losses. Pepperdine’s Houdini was unstoppable.

I was at Ainge’s game too. And, I’m sure he’s congratulating Emery and at the same time reminding all that he had no 3 point shots back then.
So, when will the selfish comments come out? Rose putting him back in the get 2 records in one shot. And Emery dribbling the entire time then taking the 3. Just selfishness right Jim Hawks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Clueless… Rose never “put him back in”, he was in the whole time as he continued to make everything he threw up.

As for your comment to Tom about playing to make the ncaa tourney, you misunderstood what he was saying (imagine that…). What Tom was saying is that the league games the rest of the way are no pressure games because what happens doesn’t really matter. The only way BYU is making the ncaa tourney is if they win the wcc tourney. The wcc tourney is all that matters with regards to BYU making the ncaa tourney.

Oh and once again you are obsessing with the “selfish” comment because you know it is true and you are doing everything you can to prove it isn’t… keep trying.

I’m sorry but he did most certainly take him out and put him back in. What were you paying attention to?

the losses at Portland and to Pacific doomed any chance of BYU getting an at large big. You can add Harvard in as well. 1 bad loss is acceptable but 3 is death

BYU has to win the WCC tourney to get an invite. Now, if SMC gets one more loss, BYU would be the 2nd seed in bracketing and not have to play Gonzaga until the final (if BYU can win out these last 5 games)

Right on Chris, exactly as I see it.

Always nice to know that there are some astute basketball minds around here that see what is happening and can give a rational analysis.

If we win out we have to make it to the final game because 2 teams will make it. So, an at large bid can happen without winning the WCC tournament.

If we win out we have to make it to the final game because 2 teams will make it. So, an at large bid can happen without winning the WCC tournament.If we win out we have to make it to the final game because 2 teams will make it. So, an at large bid can happen without winning the WCC tournament. So, you lack understanding :slight_smile:

good comments Scott

I don’t know about getting in even if we go on a run until the championship game. I t hink getting in is too close to call. There are some really ugly losses.

It is close. We have to end in 2nd place and make it to the final game in the tournament.

Ok, I’ll bite: NO ONE GETS AN AT LARGE BID who loses to Harvard, who is a total joke with ONE :joy: yes ONE win in the worst conference in the country, and to Pacific, LITERALLY ONE OF THE WORST TEAMS IN DIVISION ONE, and a loss to BOTTOM DWELLER Portland, and…never mind…that’s enough…We could lose the conference tournament championship in triple overtime and not get an at large bid.

In the final analysis, do we really want to make the NCAA tourney? I know it helps with recruiting and builds the program’s resume but the NIT might be more fun for this BYU team. We might be able to survive the first round of the NIT but if we make the NCAA tourney, we will have a crumby seed and just be a whipping boy for a top seeded team.

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Games early on don’t matter. And, teams lose in league play. The key is how many teams from the league will they take. It’s always been 2. It still will be because the rest of NCAA doesn’t believe the WCC is so bad as BYU fans think.

You need to clarify and then explain why you are quoting me. What is it that I lack in understanding?

I don’t see this particular quote anywhere in this thread. I believe you cherrypicked it from another thread and posted it here.

Now you are resorting to posting stuff and taking it out of context? I probably said this before the loss to Pacific… and at that time it would have been possible for BYU to win out, make it to the final of the wcc tourney and possibly make it to the ncaa tournament. Right now I don’t think it is looking good for the possibility of BYU getting an at large invite. I think the only way they can make it is by winning the wcc tourney. However, if they beat Gonzaga then the chances increase.

So either you have misunderstood what I was saying (which happens regularly) or you are posting something old and taking it out of context.

Which one is it?

Yes, they actually do matter, particularly when a loss comes to a team like Long Beach or Harvard. If those teams were winning their leagues, it wouldn’t be as significant.

BYU has done that too many times this season… the loss to Pacific at home was BAD. The ncaa committee will notice that.

There is no guarantee that it will be that many every season.

What are you basing this comment on? What factual proof do you have for making this claim? Please provide some evidence for your comment other than your random opinion.

Why do I have to base anything on factual proof when you try to get away with conspiracies and opinions without factual proof? :grin:

With the youth on BYU’s team I would think it is best that they play in the N IT for a number of games rather than be a one and done in the NCaa