Tanner Mangum and other RM

So far Tanner will be back in June 2015 from Chile, see page 2 at bottom. I didn’t realized he was a 4 star. If he come back he would be a backup to Taysom or could start if TH not healed. Tanner would have to get back in shape really quick.

Tanner Mangum was named co-mvp of the super prestigious ESPN Elite 11 camp in 2011. His co-mvp? None other than Jameis Winston. Tanner Mangum was the absolute, honest to goodness Real Deal.

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Tanner Mangum was named the #1 QB prospect in America before he committed to BYU, once he verbally said he was a Cougar, Scouts and others, as they always do, lowered his rating. (in case we all forget, ratings groups such as Scouts make all their money pedaling their wares to P5s)

Tanner will not be ready to run the program for at least a year when he gets back so we will have Tysom, who is on track, and the Nebraska kid for 2015.