Taysom and Detmer

I think that if Taysom has any hope of being a QB in the NFL, that a year with Ty would help a lot. Ty could help him get a little more touch on his passes, but more importantly, teach him when to run, and when not to run. If Taysom cannot last a full year in college as a running QB, he certainly cannot last in the NFL. That being said, the new breed in the NFL will be more like Cam Newton is evolving. A good passing game with enough run to force the defense to account for them. Gone with be the Big Bens, Rivers, etc.
Even with a changing in offensive philosophy (a la Detmer), I think that Hill can have an AMAZING year. I hope he will be 100% by at least fall.
Go Cougs!

Concur bgeorge. Hope Taysom has an amazing year. The Lisfranc injury is serious and hard to overcome so I hope this time he has truly heard and every component of his body can handle the F-22 on afterburner like stress of him shooting through a gap.

Hope Tanner grows and becomes better also. A couple more years of Tanner will be awesome.

My arm chair think tank tells me the best solution is to play the guy who has the best shot at leading the team to victory and he is the starter. Play some packages with both QBs at times. Don’t rotate the QBs very often. With out a good o-line it won’t matter much who starts.

Regardless of which QB earns the starting job, what is Ty’s first called play? Run or pass?

Wow, a reference to the F22. Hmm. How much do you know about the F22?

As a career AF Officer, I know enough.

First play is to hand off to Jamaal :slight_smile:

What did you do? Engines, avionics or weapons? You mentioned AB, you a pilot? I don’t think so. Could be wrong. How many years? I have spent a couple of days myself, been there done that, got the teashirt. Hmm interesting land mark in your picture. Had a few run-ins with those F22 boys, they cheat, they use that Avionics toy.

Medical DQ…did not fly. It was my dream but life happens. Was an engineer in various capacities but more than anything I did my best to be an officer and leader. One of my classmates at ACSC was an F22 driver. As a 2Lt at Edwards was there as the F22 was selected, continued development and was tested. Remember seeing the smoke rising from the flight line when one got into an oscillation problem and bounced off and skittered down the runway.

I followed my dream into the AF but things turned out differently. It was still good. I think Taysom should give all he has to chasing his dream. If life happens and things turn out different, then so be it. At least he will have no regrets for his effort. I fought the medical DQ for years but in the end the AF was cutting pilots at the time and even though I got cleared, I could not get a slot.

What is your story and can you tie it to Taysom and Tanner?

Regarding Jerusalem…I was at OIF and OND for a year. By a stroke of luck I got stranded in Jordan for a few days. Got some top cover from a buddy at the US Embassy in Amman and I dashed over to Israel and spent a full day and night in Old Jerusalem. It was great. Got back to Amman and caught the next plane back to Baghdad w/o a soul in my command knowing I had disappeared while awaiting the flight. You get few opportunities in this life. Sometimes you have to grab opportunities fast when they present themselves.

Tanner grabbed the opportunity and made the most of it. I look forward to see what Taysom does with this opportunity. I am looking forward to what these two great kids do this year.

I was at asrak for OIF, we were first in, where were you?

I had a long career. I was slot shorted so I was an E-6, but I was an Engine Manager for F-16’s. I always tried to think out of the box a little and try to solve problems. I saved about 6.5 Million real budget dollars during my career and probably a couple of aircraft. I developed a method, before the trending programs, that by reading the numbers from the engine downloads I could see if there were hot section problems. I found 3 and numerous others that were just starting to break down. It made it really easy to schedule the required maintenance, because I knew how long it took for the breakdown. That part of my career was about 23+ years. Total was 37. I was a great career. I was also first in on OEF. Four days after the towers fell. How do I apply to Tasom and Tanner. You just plain have to become the best. It is never just one person. Listen for the promptings and act accordingly. Listen to your coaches, they know. If you coordinate properly you will always be successful. Coordinate includes prayer.

I was in Baghdad at FOB Union III across from the new Embassy. I came much later as was rebuilding facilities and infrastructure around the country.

Good on you Jeff. Thanks for the great ideas and great service.

If Magnum is the QB, the first play will be a bomb to the Wide Receiver.
If Hill is the QBl the first play will be a run through the biggest opening.

Which ever is the quarter back, with Tye Detmer as the OC, the first play
will be an Awesome big yardage play leaving the defense wondering what happened.

If it is a pass, regardless whom the QB is, the QB Coach and the Wide Receiver Coach
will make that first play fun to watch on reruns of ESPN every few minutes.
Each of these coaches are hall of fame members and each have 14 years experience
in Pro Ball.

I am so hyped for this season to begin that I already bought from 'Stub Hub
4 tickets for the Arizona game, dead center of the uprights, 5 rolls off the field.

Hope to see some of your there. Section 141 Row 5, aisle seats, 1,2,3 and 4.
Stop by.