Taysom Hill contract

Anyone see this?
If he starts salary goes up to about 95 million over four years,
If he is a backup or utility player the salary is 40 million over four years.

I will say one thing for Taysom, he knows how to deal with contracts… LOL

Report: Former BYU QB Taysom Hill, Saints agree to contract extension - Deseret News

Saints are tanking. Time to start Hill…

His concussion got his agent’s attention. the old one was non-guaranteed. the new one is 40M guaranteed. A good thing and I am sure that the Saints are happy as well.

22 million is guaranteed, not 40 and not 95 mil.

Just to clear from my post,
From the article:
" If Hill is New Orleans’ starting quarterback over the next four years, however, the deal grows to as much as $95 million.

On the other hand, if Hill is the backup quarterback and utility player on offense and special teams — as he has been this season and during his time with the Saints — it is worth $40 million over four years."
My comment was solely on what the salary could be worth if he started or as a backup, not what was guaranteed.

Hey dude, cool your jets. I was not criticizing you nor putting your info down. I was simply adding some information. Sorry your feathers got ruffled. Wouldn’t want you to beat me up. :cold_sweat:

You don’t have to worry about that. Umpires are blind as a bat… nice pun…

No Jets to cool, You made a comment, I made my original comment more clear, just in case someone was a bit confused and misunderstood what I was saying. You know “Clarification”.

As for the threat of physical violence, All I know is that it was not me that threaten someone else with physical violence in their posts, including saying that they were going to “look me up”.

But bats have sonar to help them as well as excellent hearing… Just saying…

BTW, my vision is 20/10 (With glasses of course) LOL

Mr. Floyd, you want to distort reality and try and heap untruth on me? I really don’t give a crap. But typical left-wing maneuvering. :unamused:

Arkie the flamethrower… Truth hurts…
As for being “Left-wing”, LOL that is funny, thanks for the laugh!

Actually, at that particular moment, I had some extra energy and wanted to continue a bit of a bruhaha but beyond that one moment (meaning a second of time), it is nothing more than a fart in a gale to me. I really do not care about you or what you have to say, Floyd. So, light me up, one-up me, verbally kick the s___ out of me or beat me up, show me up, put me down, or whatever else you desire - so we can get this boring crappola over with. And I will not respond to you - EVER. Go ahead and make your day. :tired_face: :yawning_face:

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I’m always amused by this stuff, it’s really trivial and silly.

I have no idea how or when it started in this case. I read this thread and saw nothing to warrant the escalation of unkind words and threatening exchanges. So to me it’s silly and pointless.

Come on gentlemen, you are better than this.

JCoug: . . .really trivial and silly."
Me: I agree 100%, including (but not exclusive) my part. But isn’t 30%, at least, of what gets posted here trivial and silly?

Sports in the grand scheme of things are silly and trivial so I would say way more than 30% of our exchanges are silly and trivial in the grand scheme of things. That said our discussions can be enjoyable but with rare exceptions shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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Like Aro said, probably way more than that. I’d say 50% easily and likely more. Let’s take Grasshopper for example… I would say 90% in his case and I’m being nice here. :joy:

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