Taysom Hill following Bronco? How about some others?

Any chance Taysom Hill follows Bronco to Virginia? Perhaps some other players who have had honor code issues or who are now on missions, will they follow him as well?

Very good question Ben. I would think it would be the best of two worlds if hill went to Virginia for his last year

Along with Williams? Why do you think it’s the best thing? We talk about winning NC. But it takes having the very best athletes with great coaches.

Usually happens. I think it depends on who BYU ends up with as coach.

Perhaps this Stanford DC Lance Anderson helped recruit Taysom, or was it before his time with the Cardinal. Getting a PAC-12 Assistant Coach as HC might help BYU get more games against the PAC.

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Maybe he could bring in some better defensive backs. So can the Navy coach. I would like to see a coach who really wants to be here.

My money is on Taysom transfering to the University of Michigan to be reunited with Coach Harbaugh. The two still keep in touch and the quarterback job will be open since their current quarterback was a graduate transfer as well. With Bronco leaving, I think this seals the deal that Taysom won’t be back.

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