Taysom Hill-simply outstanding

I took time to watch the Saints/Chargers preseason game today. Teddy Bridgewater played all but one series the first half and New Orleans struggled and trailed 17-3 at half. Bring on Hill. The guy just makes plays to keep drives going. NO eventually came back and won the game. I know it was “preseason “ But Hill just has that persona of a winner. His passing was simply outstanding and of course his athleticism led to 10 yds per rush. Here is to Taysom Hill-a talented, unspoiled, work hard athlete-a credit to BYU and a note-worthy story of perseverance.

I hope he gets a real chance. I can’t believe there aren’t other teams where he would be the number one QB. He was leading them down for another touchdown and a poor play call ended up in a fumble.

Someone tweeted that “Hill is the greatest Backup QB to ever play the game”. At least for a day, right?

Here’s another gem

Great clip-great eye hand for Hill-thanks fish

You are welcome and I will say that Tysom should be the backup not Bridgewater

Right on, Taysom hill has a future in the NFL.

The Saints just Tenured Hill a first round equivalent worth $4.69 million. If he has a good agent he’ll get paid more than that he’s in a good place play behind Drew Brees for one more year. This allows the Saints to counter offer any other teams $$ for Hill

Thanks Fish!

BOY were we understating Hill’s worth to the Saints:

He deserves every penny of that contract!

On another note: the Saints are in talks with Winston, the Heisman QB that was released from Tampa Bay once Tom Brady was signed.

Yes, I saw that Winston signed with the Saints. Very odd. This tells me that Hill is not the NO QB of the future. After Brees retires after this year or next, it looks like Jameis has the inside track to slide in there. I hate to bring this in, but do you think M Thomas and the other brothers on that team will want Jameis or Taysom in as their QB? I think Jameis. I was hoping Winston would sign with the Patriots for the sheer drama of it.

Not the case. Sean Payton states, " We need a 3rd QB on the team, Winston fell into our laps". Winston signs for 1 year, Saints get a guy that can come in and score in bunches, but also leads the NFL in interceptions, so that has to be corrected. Now here’s the key, If Winston has great numbers, the Saints will get great trade value from him. The Saints proved just how valuable Hill is to the franchise by paying Hill historic money, that should prove to everyone that Hill is the QB of the future for NOs.

Facts are Winston could spend the next season not getting a single play, while Hill does his usual “Swiss Army Knife” and plays even more than last year. It’s a win/win situation for everyone concerned. Winston could have made more money elsewhere, but chose to learn from Brees for a year and probably enhance his career going forward. The legend of Hill continues and now he is getting at least 16 million and probably 21. The Saints have two of the most athletic QB’s in the league to rely on in case something happens to Brees. There is no downside for anyone in this equation and makes the Saints odds on favorites for Super Bowl contention. Congrats to Hill, Winston and the Saints.

Xactamundo…… but you still gotta go throught the Champs. Reid, Mahomes and company make KC the favs. by a mile.

Toughest thing in sports is to repeat, but I love KC-would like nothing better than a Saints/KC duel